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New Startup Company Cohesity Poised to Tackle Converged Storage

Pioneering the successful startup of a new company in today’s IT market is a risky endeavor to say the least. Not only does it require entrepreneurship, but it also requires a high level of ingenuity, innovation and IT specialization. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, starting a new business requires a certain amount of capital funding. Luckily for Mohit Aron and his team at Cohesity, he already has everything needed to succeed.

Although Cohesity might not be the most well-known or instantly recognizable name in the industry, they are certainly looking to change that in the near future. Moreover, with the recent procurement of $70 million in venture capital funding, they’re already on the right track.

In fact, Cohesity recently procured $55 million in Series B investments from such names as Google Ventures, Qualcomm, ARTIS Ventures, Trinity Ventures, Accel Partners, Battery Ventures and more. This followed an initial $15 million in funding that was received from Sequoia Capital and Wing Venture Capital in 2014.

Mohit Aron, founder of Cohesity, explained the importance of Cohesity in the 21st century. He was quoted as saying: “After converging compute and storage at Nutanix for virtualized applications in the primary storage landscape, I still felt that there was a lot of fragmentation and overspend where the larger bulk of the data sits — in secondary storage. Point solutions like data deduplication, copy data management and integrated backup appliances act as Band-Aids, but only by bringing the data together in one place can customers manage it truly efficiently and start to derive valuable business insight from this dark data.”

He continued by saying: “That's why I decided to start Cohesity. I'm excited to be building this company with my brilliant, driven team and take on the mission of using Web-scale technology to help companies bring order to their data chaos. Some people like to travel. Some like to buy islands. I like changing the world this way – bringing disruptive technology to market. This is a passion. I build things around this technological passion.”

The purpose of Cohesity is to usher in a fully scalable data management and storage solution that integrates secondary storage workflows, DevOps and data analytics into one centralized program. According to the company, the Cohesity Data Platform is able to reduce and even eliminate data fragmentation and sprawl that is seen on secondary storage devices. This is accomplished through the use of a web-scale system that has been likened to Google.

Aron is no stranger to the industry. Not only did he spearhead the initial design and ongoing development of the Google File System, but he is also credited as co-founder and creator of Nutanix, a popular provider of hyper-converged infrastructure. Additionally, Mohit Aron holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University.

For more information about the new startup enterprise, Cohesity, please visit their website at Here you’ll find details regarding the Cohesity Data Platform, recent news and press releases and even career opportunities with the Cohesity team.


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