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Cohesity Cloud Backup Now Available on Google Cloud

Whether you love it or hate it, the Google Cloud – and the services it provides – is growing. One of their most recent addition comes in the way of Cohesity Cloud Backup for Google Cloud, and, as expected, it provides a highly efficient, streamlined, and accessible way of perform cloud-based data backups on the Google Cloud Platform.

Vineet Abraham, senior VP of engineering with Cohesity was quoted as saying: "Cohesity has quickly become a preferred choice for customers to back up their cloud and on-premises workloads, and we want to make it easy for enterprises to leverage our innovative and efficient platform no matter where their data resides. We’re excited to add to the powerful capabilities of GCP so that companies can overcome mass fragmentation challenges and truly maximize the value of their data."

But developers with Cohesity aren't just adding their old software to the cloud. According to their official press release, Cohesity Cloud Backup for Google Cloud introduces several new features, including:

- Snapshot integration with near-zero recovery times: The service includes support for Google Compute VMs as well as granular search and recovery protocols.

- A centralized, SaaS-based dashboard for management and self-service: This takes advantage of a one-click deployment scheme and reusable policies to help save valuable time on a day-to-day basis.

- Consumption-based billing that lets you pay-as-you-go and avoids unnecessary fees: There's no need to pay for a full plan if you're only using half of your bandwidth, so this lets you minimize expenses while still giving you all of the service and functionality needed.

All of this comes in addition to the features that long-time users have come to expect from Cohesity software and services. With a track record that dates back to 2013, the team is trying to make their presence known in the highly competitive industry of data storage and backup – and this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Rich Sanzi, VP of engineering with Google Cloud, also spoke enthusiastically about their recent partnership with Cohesity and others in the future by saying: "With organizations looking to leverage the cloud and eliminate the need to provision infrastructure, backup of cloud-native workloads is a critical part of the data protection strategy. Integrations with technology partners like Cohesity provide a simple and easy Backup-as-a-Service experience with Google Cloud, empowering customers to focus on what matters most – growing their business."

This news comes shortly after series of investments that ultimately netted their company $250 million in 2018 alone. A significant portion of that capital was providing by SoftBank Group's Vision Fund, which incorporates funding from sources like Cisco, HP, Morgan Stanley, and more. With such big names holding major stake in the company, it's safe to say that interest in Cohesity is on the rise.

For more information about Cohesity, including details on any of the software or services they provide, please visit their official website at {{|}}. To find out more information on Google, including details on the Google Cloud Platform, head over to their website at {{|}}.


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