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Coho Data and SYNNEX Team To Penetrate North American Markets

There’s no denying that the IT industry can be a tough one to penetrate. Dominated by names such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP and more, it takes a certain amount of determination and commitment to compete. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why a joint venture may be a better option for new and emerging enterprises positioned within the IT industry. Moreover, that’s exactly what Coho Data plans to achieve through their recent partnership with SYNNEX.

Coho Data

Coho Data, based out of Sunnyvale, CA, is a relatively new IT vendor specializing in web-specific flash storage solutions. Although they are backed by a diversified team of individuals, Coho Data only began shipping their product in early 2014. As such, it’s been difficult for them to eke out their share of the spotlight amongst popular IT markets.

Marius Tudor, vice president of channel and business development with Coho Data, explained the background of his newly formed team by stating: “The core of the company is from XenForce, which was ultimately acquired by Citrix, and we still have a lot of that Xen DNA. We wanted to take this background and apply it to storage, to provide an on-prem private cloud with public cloud efficiencies.”

Tudor continued by describing his company’s target audience. He was quoted as saying: “Our architectural footprint was designed for large enterprises, but we have seen customers across the board in medium and large enterprise. Universities, including the University of British Columbia, public sector, and oil and gas companies have bought it as well. We have competed successfully even in some smaller footprints because of our capability to expand only when needed. That provides future-proofing capability and room for growth as well.”

Fostering their relationship with the well-established SYNNEX Corporation is a wise move on behalf of Coho Data. While they’ve worked with SYNNEX in the past, the newest announcement aims to strengthen the partnership even further while simultaneously bolstering Coho’s own presence throughout North American markets.


SYNNEX Corporation, on the other hand, is already a well-established name in the IT industry. Originally founded in 1980 and based out of Fremont, California, SYNNEX is a Fortune 500 company that provides supply chain management services to equipment manufacturers, software developers and resellers.

Marius Tudor is confident that the new partnership will benefit Coho Data in the end. He was quoted as saying: “The deal with SYNNEX is not an exclusive one, but our intent is to leverage their capabilities, and at least for the time being, I don’t think we need more than them. I have a strong past history working with SYNNEX in both the U.S. and Canada, and never had any surprises from them.”

To find out more information about SYNNEX Corporation, interested parties are invited to visit their website at Here you will find a comprehensive mission statement, press releases, investor information and even details for beginning a career with SYNNEX.

For more information about Coho Data, including product information, recent news, online resources and more, visit


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