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Comcast Business Increases Cloud Accessibility For Customers

Comcast has been slowly expanding their target audience, their services and their nationwide reach over the course of the past several years. One of the most popular providers of cable television and Internet in the 21st century, they've also tackled the area of landline and mobile telecommunications. In an effort to expand their reach even further and offer even more services to their customers, Comcast Business has recently announced cloud-based web functionality for its users.

While Comcast will not act as a cloud provider in itself, they will provide their users with access to various cloud exchanges and cloud providers in existence today. Initial offerings include 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps and lesser connections with Equinix Cloud Exchange, also known as ECX. EXC acts a cloud services hub, ultimately connecting their customers with cloud-based services from either Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and more.

The recent announcement is expected to cement Comcast as one of the leading figureheads in the IT and telecommunications industries. As of 2014, their newly introduced Ethernet services, had already reached the number six spot on the Mid-Year 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, which is operated by Vertical Systems Group. Comcast was also recognized as the fastest-growing carrier by Vertical Systems Group, as well as receiving recognition as the second-largest cable multiple-system operator in the Ethernet niche.

Rick Malone, principal with Vertical Systems Group; a leading research and networking firm, spoke about the industry-wide need for Comcast Business' new offerings. He was quoted as saying: "The demand for Comcast's Ethernet services reflects business customers' desire for direct, on-net access to a variety of data center facilities and cloud services to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes and across different industries.

When Comcast Business' Ethernet services originally launched, the rollout also included the implementation of a brand new fiber network. This network has continued to grow ever since, and their most recent expansion into 10 new communities within the state of New York makes them a major competitor in 21st century telecommunications.

Comcast's recent announcement came with some other news, as well. Rounding out the announcement was the fact that Comcast Business is actively seeking partnerships with major data centers throughout the United States. Once established, these ventures will cement Comcast as one of the top players in the entire telecommunications sector. Furthermore, these partnerships are expected to be mutually beneficially for Comcast as well as their new contacts.

Finally, Comcast's pending acquisition of Time Warner Cable, if it passes, is sure to have a huge impact on Comcast's bottom line. Although the merger is currently on hold at the time of this writing, both Time Warner and Comcast have agreed to the acquisition; it merely awaits final approval by the FCC before it turns into a reality.

To find out more about Comcast, Comcast Business or the services offered under the Comcast umbrella, interested parties can visit their website at For the latest news and nformation regarding the pending Time Warner Cable acquisition, you can visit either or


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