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Comcast and Perpetual Storage, Inc. Join Forces

Comcast Business, which provides enterprise-level voice, Internet and data services through a highly scalable program, recently announced their plans to fulfill the needs of Perpetual Storage’s new program, DataVaulting. A lesser known entity when compared to their newest partner, Perpetual Storage provides secure, off-site storage of digital and microform data for their commercial customers. Perpetual Storage hopes the recent partnership will help them gain a strong foothold in the current market through their DataVaulting service, which is meant to provide the maximum level of data security as well as scalability.

The team with Perpetual Storage specializes in both virtual and physical data security. Operating out of their location on the inside of a granite mountain, Perpetual Storage maintains one of the most secure datacenters in the industry today. Data accessibility has been a problem in the past, however, but the procurement of dedicated Ethernet services from Comcast should fix this issue.

Aubrey Murray, senior managing director of business development with Perpetual Storage, spoke about the company’s mission statement and future goals by saying: “Perpetual Storage was founded with the intention of providing our customers with data storage and protection services that cannot be matched by any competitor. Access to Comcast’s high-performance fiber network enabled us to help create our new DataVaulting service that is a natural extension of our core business and an offering that lets our customers choose a mix of service options that best meet their distinctive needs.”

In order to fulfill the needs of Perpetual Storage, Comcast needed to expand their fiber network in order to reach the highly secure storage facility. Not only is this expected to bolster data accessibility on behalf of Perpetual Storage’s customers, but it will provide better access to the company’s managed services as well as their consultation services.

Paul Merritt, director with Comcast Business, explained how the new partnership will affect Perpetual Storage’s services. He said: “Investing to extend our fiber network to Perpetual Storage Inc.’s mountain vault not only enabled them to expand their market opportunity, but it also gives our customers high-performance access to a very unique on-net data center facility. As digital storage increasingly becomes the only sound option for companies of all sizes’ disaster recovery processes, access to dependable, easily scalable Ethernet connectivity will become more necessity than luxury.”

About Perpetual Storage, Inc.

While their name might not be as instantly recognizable as some of the others in the industry, Perpetual Storage, Inc. has actually been providing digital data management and security since its inception in 1968. Their newest location, however, inside the shell of a granite mountain, lets PSI take advantage of climate-controlled facilities and even protection from natural disasters. This, combined with their elevated levels of physical and virtual security, makes PSI a great choice when it comes to data security in the 21st century. Perpetual Storage, Inc. is a privately owned company. To find out more information about PSI, interested parties can visit their website at


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