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CommVault Promises Cheaper Backup

While the consumer market has been flooded with data backup and protection solutions as of late, many find the costs of today’s backup services are simply too high. As such, CommVault has made a vow to lower the costs of data backup and archival across the board. To support this initiative, the development team at CommVault has unveiled several new products that are aimed at cloud-based backup and protection.

Firstly, CommVault has introduced their Cloud Disaster Recovery solution, which facilitates the recovery of cloud-based data. It works for both on-premise and off-premise data and it is compatible with all file types.

The second of CommVault's newly launched products, known as the Cloud Development and Test solution, was made specifically for IT infrastructure managers. The service provides a substantial cost savings regarding the development and testing of environments.

Sabrinath Rao, head of CommVault’s cloud business unit, spoke about the need to cut costs in the current market. He was quoted as saying: “We have remained platform neutral in terms of OS, hypervisor and then the hardware platforms we support, and as we move to the cloud we expect to maintain that approach in terms of customers’ cloud investments.” He went on to say: “In the old world, you’ve already paid for that as a CAPEX expense, but, in the new world, it means you can get a bill that can be as much as 10 times higher than you’re expecting.”

Another product, known as Cloud Replication, offers a high level of customization concerning the access of cloud-based data. With CommVault Cloud Replication, users will be able to control both the format in which they recover their data as well as how quickly the process is completed.

Finally, CommVault’s Cloud Gateway serves as a comprehensive data management suite. By using Cloud Gateway, IT administrators are able to set specific policies regarding the management of their own cloud-based data.

Rao continued his interview by highlighting some of the primary features of the CommVault Cloud Gateway solution. He was quoted as saying: “Cloud Gateway is a mechanism that gets data into the cloud in a very efficient manner, because there are typically a lot of things to consider. How many copies do you want to maintain, and when do you want to send them, how can you manage your bandwidth efficiently to do this, and it can help with this.” He added: “What the Gateway allows them to do is keep the last 10 good copies on-premise, and then move the rest to the cloud to help improve their recovery time objectives.”

For more information regarding CommVault, including any of their product lines or services, please visit their official website at, where you’ll also find case studies involving real CommVault customers, details regarding current CommVault partnerships, online technical support, contact information, even listings and more. In addition, interested parties can also access several free demonstrations and trials of CommVault products and services.


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