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CommVault to Lead Data Archival for Consolidated Minerals

Consolidated Minerals, amongst the world's leaders in manganese ore production, produces and processes an enormous amount of digital data on a daily basis. Not only do they archive company-wide emails and other files, but they regularly utilize deduplication, compression and data consolidation strategies to increase and optimize their overall storage efficiency. To this extent, Consolidated Minerals has recently announced a partnership with CommVault, which will allow Consolidated Minerals access to Simpana 10; a move that is expected to reduce the footprint of archived data by up to 300%.

A highly innovative, industry-leading data manipulation application, Simpana 10 provides optimizes costs and manpower in order to provide a comprehensive, straightforward and simplified solution to enterprise data management. With reputable partnerships and customers located throughout the IT industry, including such names as VMware, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Columbia Sportswear and American Municipal Power, Consolidated Minerals is only the latest addition to a long and lucrative lineup of Simpana 10 users.

Gordon Morris, IT infrastructure manager with Consolidated Minerals, spoke about the benefits of using CommVault's Simpana 10 software. He was quoted as saying: "Our IT department could see the impact on productivity when similar projects were recreated because the information seemed to have evaporated from organizational consciousness. By upgrading to Simpana 10, we could extract greater business value from the data we already collected and protected, while making the data consolidation process more efficient."

Morris went on to tout their new backup schema, which includes three separate measures to ensure business continuity. "We now have three layers of backup: disk onsite, tape onsite and full replication disk in Perth. If we lose data at any one of our sites - and we've been through this scenario - we can restore the data to Perth and make it available at the remote site whilst we sort out any hardware issue that has occurred. Even in the event of catastrophic hardware failure, we can still provision data to the business and keep our operations running.”

Simpana 10 benefits the day-to-day operations of Consolidated Minerals in other ways, too. Not only does it streamline the process of managing data backups across multiple venues, but it also reduces issues caused by fragmented data. Moreover, Simpana 10 still offers self-service accessibility to all of its individual users.

As far as CommVault is concerned, the recent partnership was a clear choice. As Rick Theiler, vice president of sales in the Asia Pacific region, explained in an interview: "Data-driven organizations such as Consolidated Minerals are winning in the marketplace by providing unprecedented access to data they need to be more productive and ultimately more effective. Simpana software's easy but intuitive search and archiving technology give enterprises the ability to modernize information management and improve collaboration, leading to better business decisions."

Headquartered out of the city of Oceanport, New Jersey, CommVault has been leading backup and recovery services within the IT industry since 1996. To find out more information about CommVault, including detailed information regarding their innovative Simpana 10 application, visit their official website at


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