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CommVault Edge Free 14-Day Trial

With cloud computing technology quickly gaining steam as a popular method of storage, sharing and backing up data, small business owners and consumers alike are clamoring to find out how they can explore the luxury of cloud computing without having to invest a fortune in startup costs. Fortunately, CommVault's newest product, referred to as CommVault Edge, is available to users for a free 14-day trial.

What is CommVault Edge?

The purpose of CommVault Edge is to provide complete endpoint data protection while bolstering your overall productivity, whether you are an individual user or functioning as a team of business professionals. Moreover, CommVault Edge allows you to easily backup files from desktop or laptop computers, allowing you to synchronize files throughout your network and establish a centralized point for storing all of your data; whether it is pictures, music or important digital documents.

Edge Sync

CommVault's highly refined Edge Sync technology complements the Edge suite of cloud computing services by simplifying the file synchronization process. You won't have to worry about locating a file within its folder and dragging it to its new destination. Instead, Edge Sync lets you sync files and entire folders across multiple systems with the click of a button. As if this wasn't simple enough, the developers at CommVault even included a built-in backup scheduler, which lets you automate the entire synchronization and backup process.

Increased Connectivity

When used in a corporate or enterprise environment, CommVault's Edge software provides even more functionality. The technology of CommVault Edge facilitates quick and easy access to shared data, so your staff members will spend less time searching for the files they need. Furthermore, the comprehensive software functionality offered through CommVault Edge drastically reduces the need for external IT or cloud computing assistance.

When reached for an interview, Jeff Echols of CommVault was quoted as saying, “The volume of user-generated data and the pace at which it is being created is putting IT on the defensive and hampering worker productivity when it comes to endpoint data access and recovery. The CommVault Edge free trial program is designed to give customers an immediate remedy for this acute pain, while also setting the foundation for a more proactive and productive mobile workforce.”

In an effort to boost mobile accessibility, CommVault Edge can even be utilized from a proprietary smartphone application. This ensures that your staff members stay connected to corporate networks, whether they are at home, at the office or on the move.


CommVault Edge even includes a proprietary data protection protocol, referred to as CommVault Simpana. Considered by some to be the company's flagship product, Simpana is a customizable and scalable means of providing data backup and recovery, as well as a plethora of other security features.


CommVault Edge supports a variety of popular operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. This ensures that small and large businesses all have the option of using CommVault Edge to establish their cloud computing architecture. The free 14-day trial can currently be downloaded from CommVault's website, which is located at


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