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Commvault Enters the Hardware Market With Its First Backup Appliance

Commvault isn’t known for their hardware appliances, but they’re hoping to change that with the release of the HyperScale Appliance. Built to provide their customers with improved scale-out data protection and greater flexibility in hardware deployment, Commvault hopes to win over some new customers while offering expanded functionality to their existing ones.

A Combined System

But Commvault’s HyperScale device isn’t just a cloud appliance. There’s actually two parts to the system: the hardware component and its supporting software. For those who want to keep it as simple as possible, Commvault’s HyperScale software is more than enough to achieve increased scale-out capabilities, greater hardware flexibility and improved support.

However, the Hyperscale platform really shines when both the software and hardware are paired together. Functioning as a single, fully integrated unit, this gives you added bonuses by cutting data sprawl, reducing your overall hardware footprint and providing support for hybrid cloud environments.

N. Robert Hammer, chairman, CEO and president of Commvault, spoke about the need for an integrated system like the HyperScale framework. He was quoted as saying: “Building upon our impeccable track record of innovation in data protection, we are excited to introduce this unique and highly-differentiated infrastructure offering to the market to replace outdated scale-up architectures and point products that have proved to be inefficient and long overdue for change.”

Not only does the HyperScale system make it easy for organizations to upgrade to next-gen hardware and software, but they're able to do so with a highly trusted and reputable name in the industry.

He continued his statement by saying: “Commvault HyperScale Appliance and Commvault HyperScale Software are infrastructure options that provide flexible models for consumption while helping customers replace costly legacy hardware, avoid vendor lock in, and gain modern agility, flexibility and cloud-economics that were previously unavailable.”

Options Abound

There are plenty of options when it comes to deploying the Commvault HyperScale platform. Some enterprises are even pairing it with Cisco UCS, which still offers many of the benefits of a full-on HyperScale deployment. According to Commvault, these benefits include:

1. Greater resiliency with localized, on-premises applications and the data within.

2. Simplicity in system setup, management and upgrades.

3. The modular design of HyperScale accommodates scalability as your needs grow.

4. Integrated resiliency ensures there are no single points of failure.

5. Built-in disaster recovery functionality to restore lost data in the event of an emergency.

6. Excellent technical support directly from the professionals at Commvault.

7. Improved total cost-of-ownership (TCO) when compared to similar solutions.

8. Ability to scale-out to tens of petabytes.

9. Streamlined systems consolidation and the elimination of point-product solution silos.

As you can see, Commvault’s HyperScale platform is a dynamic, flexible and comprehensive solution that benefits businesses and enterprises from all corners of the IT sector. With a current customer list that includes the likes of Red Hat, Sirius and many more, they’re obviously doing something right.

To find out more information about Commvault’s HyperScale platform or any of their other services and solutions, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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