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Looking at Concurrent’s Storage Solutions

Concurrent’s Aquari Storage is for enterprise users who need a software-defined storage solution that uses an open architecture for maximum versatility. Built specifically for visual media storage and distribution, the Aquari platform is used by some of the biggest names in television broadcasting around the globe – and they’re constantly expanding with new and exciting products for their customers.

The 3V’s of Visual Media Storage

According to their website, modern visual media storage revolves around the three Vs: volume, variety and velocity. Concurrent’s Aquari Storage framework addresses these areas in several ways, including:

1. Multi-workload support. Instead of using separate data silos for individual workloads, Aquari lets you use a single storage cluster for all your workload needs.

2. Massive scalability options. Enterprises can start small by purchasing the exact amount of storage they need. Additional storage is easily added as time goes by.

3. Streamlined management. Concurrent’s Aquari Storage is easy to configure, manage and monitor.

4. Highly flexible deployment. Available as a software package or in a turnkey hardware and software combination, Aquari Storage is able to meet your exact needs.

5. Multiple protocol support. The unique package combines object, block and file-based storage into a centralized storage platform for greater accessibility.

6. Maximum redundancy. The entire platform is backed up by full data replication and RAID support.

But Concurrent isn’t alone when it comes to pushing and promoting the Aquari Storage platform – they’ve found help from all corners of the IT world.

Innovative Partnerships

Despite their limited amount of time in the industry, Concurrent has already forged some strong partnerships in the niche of data storage and management. They teamed up with Moonwalk Universal in mid-2017 to provide their controls on an even larger scale than ever before. Not only does this partnership solidify their presence amongst larger enterprises and businesses, but it lets them provide greater efficiency and consistency across the board.

Michael Harvey, vice president of business development with Moonwalk, spoke optimistically about the new venture by saying: "Large enterprises, particularly those with Windows and NetApp file servers that are getting out of control, struggle to manage a sprawling infrastructure and sprawling file growth. Using our software with Aquari Storage is a cost-effective and efficient solution for easing the demands on primary storage and gaining policy-based management over large data stores.”

But that isn’t the only partnership featuring Aquari Storage as a centerpiece. Concurrent partnered with Storage Made Easy (SME) in early 2017, thereby offering next-gen cloud functionality including security for all desktop, web and mobile connections.

Scott Ryan, senior vice president of content solutions with Concurrent, described these benefits by saying: “Working in conjunction with SME to expand our cloud capabilities aligns with our mission to create solutions that are easier to deploy, faster to integrate, effortless to scale and simpler to manage. Using a high-performance Aquari cluster provides organizations with greater throughput and almost limitless capacity at a lower cost point to ensure that data remains in IT’s control rather than risk having information shared on public file sharing services.”

Finding Out More

If you’re interested in trying out Concurrent for yourself, or even if you just want to find out some more information, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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