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New Report Highlights Shortcomings of Enterprise Data Backup

Although IT experts praise the numerous benefits of regularly backing up your data, a recent survey of enterprises and businesses throughout the IT sector has unveiled that almost half of those surveyed said that they only maintain one copy of the business-critical data. If something catastrophic should happen to this copy, these businesses would be facing certain doom.

Breaking Down the Numbers

This statistic is alarming enough, but the news gets worse from there. According to the survey, which was conducted by CloudBerry Lab in April 2016, 36% of survey respondents do not backup their data at all. Strangely enough, an identical amount of survey respondents, 36%, stated they maintain full and complete backups of all their business-centric data.

Moreover, approximately 44% of those surveyed indicated that they still use external drives, including tape systems, to complete and maintain regular updates of their business data. Only 26% currently utilized cloud-centric storage to maintain their backups, which is definitely an area that could use improvement.

Generally speaking, the majority of the survey's respondents, 55%, said that they were "very satisfied" or "almost satisfied" with their company's current backup protocol. Another 36% chose the simple response of "it works."

Final Grade

Overall, the survey team with CloudBerry Lab was only able to give enterprises a grade of "C" regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of backup plans today. Obviously there is still a lot for enterprises to improve on regarding their own data backup planning and implementation, but many have been quick to adopt new and emerging technologies in order to do so. In that regards, today's enterprises might not have such a bleak outlook after all.

Changing and Evolving Threats to Enterprise Data
There was a time when the business of data protection was rather cut and dry. With the most common errors attributed to hardware failure, data corruption or even damage due to storms, earthquakes or floods, enterprise data is now exposed to risks from multiple sources.

Alexander Negrash, current director of marketing with CloudBerry Lab, spoke about this phenomenon as well as some of the recent threats seen to enterprise data. He was quoted as saying: “Threats to an organization’s data used to be more straightforward - a hard disk would fail, or a server would get destroyed in a natural disaster. Although these threats are still here, we now deal with a whole new range of man-made threats. The recent rise in ransomware attacks, which hold data hostage from the enterprise, is one example. This new world places a premium on reliable cloud backup, which must be frequent, easy and secure, while getting data ‘out of the building’ to a remote, off-site location."

About CloudBerry Lab

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