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Data Deposit Box Introduces Smart Storage NAS Solution

As a global provider of cloud-based backup and recovery services, Data Deposit Box, Inc. has recently unveiled a new network attached storage (NAS) device. Serving as the introductory product to their brand new family of Smart Storage solutions, the Smart Storage NAS provides a unique combination of continuous cloud backup functionality as well as agentless cloud backup. Moreover, it provides all of these features within a 4-bay hard drive architecture.

Fashioned as a desk-side device, Data Deposit Box’s Smart Storage NAS offers centralized data storage for everyone in a company or organization. The data is immediately encrypted and archived to the cloud, thereby ensuring the long-term security of critical business data. Furthermore, the patented continuous data protection technology means that IT officials never had to establish a regular backup schedule. Instead, the continuous data protection technology seen in the Smart Storage NAS provides continuous replication directly to the cloud. To bolster the efficiency of the technology, the continuous data protection service only archives recent changes, also known as deltas, instead of the complete file or image.

Current models of their Smart Storage NAS include DDB1, DDB200, DDB300 and DDB600. All models include continuous data protection technology as well as 1 terabyte of cloud storage availability. Depending on the exact model, the Smart Storage NAS has anywhere from 4 to 8 terabytes of onboard storage. Additional features include remote configuration and administration, Data Deposit Box’s patented transparent tunnel technology and completely agentless backup of Exchange, VMware, MSSQL, Hyper-V, SharePoint and QuickBooks data.

Troy Cheeseman, president and chief operating officer of Data Deposit Box, spoke about their new smart storage NAS solution. He was quoted as saying: “We have identified a significant demand for this product in today's marketplace; something that is unique to our service offerings and existing sales channels. The NAS product complements our current offerings as well as the SOHO and direct consumer\retail market. We are very confident that this will be a major area of growth for us.”

Cheeseman continued his interview by saying: “The global SMB market is largely unserved with this type of solution. Our product maturity and design allows us to offer the product and cloud service at an SMB price while obtaining a competitive per unit margin and gaining significant per TB margin on cloud storage. Based on our current global footprint, the Company can begin selling the device in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa as the first phase of the product launch. Direct access to two major regions in our product and marketing plan makes this device available to over 40MM small and medium businesses from launch."

To find out more information about Data Deposit Box, including details on their new line of Smart Storage NAS devices, please visit the official website at Here you’ll find the latest pricing information, partnership details, investor information and contact information. For those who would rather speak to a live representative, you can do so by calling 866-430-2406.


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