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These Data Storage Podcasts Are Well Worth a Listen

You can listen to podcasts about everything and anything. We all know about the popular ones, like celebrities interviewing each other, critics discussing the latest films, or people diving into true crime. But did you know there are also podcasts about data storage? If you want to stay in the loop about the latest industry trends, or just find the technology interesting, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best data storage podcasts that are well worth a listen. So pop on your headphones and add some of these to your podcast feed.

Storage Unpacked: The hosts of Storage Unpacked have almost 100 years of combined knowledge in the data storage industry. They aim to help listeners understand data, whether that’s the technical particulars of a technology or more generally about how storage impacts their business and how they should manage their IT. They aim to cram as much information as possible into each episode and occasionally talk to vendors, experts and pundits.

Voices in Data Storage: This podcast has interviews with a whole host of people, from industry experts, enterprise IT members, and end users. Hosted by Enrico Signoretti, they discuss the latest news, trends and emerging stories from the world of data. Previous interviews include employees from Western Digital, HP and Dell, so you’re definitely getting a great insight into the industry.

Around the Storage Block: Around the Storage Block is also a blog and this podcast expands on the topics discussed there: industry news, best practices, question and answers, and more. There are more than 260 episodes of this podcast and it shows no signs of slowing down, so there’s a huge back catalogue to dive into and learn from.

On-Premise IT Roundtable: If you’re looking for independent voices from the world of IT diving deep into a topic, this is the podcast for you. The guests really know their stuff and discuss a whole range of topics related to enterprise storage, like servers, networking, mobility and cloud. Each episode is less than 20 minutes in length, making this the perfect bitesize audio snack.

DataCenter Evolution: This podcast aims to share everything and anything about data centres. That includes things like servers, the cloud, networking, cybersecurity, and much more. Of course, it also provides excellent knowledge on how to best manage your data within data centres. Uniquely, it also provides career development information like trending certifications, technologies to know, and how to impress in an interview when applying for a job in data.

Storage Developer Conference: Each week, this podcast presents topics hand selected from presentations given at the Storage Developer Conference. Each podcast episode offers ample, in-depth information about a storage topic, along with learning objectives so you can test what you’ve learnt after the fact. Each episode is also accompanied with the presentation slides that would have been used alongside the talk at the conference, which are great to follow along to or as a recap afterwards to refresh what you’ve heard.


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