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DataGravity and VMware Team to Bolster Cloud-Based Big Data

VMware’s vRealize Suite is cloud management platform that facilitates automated infrastructure provisioning and delivery, intelligent operations, business insight and unified management within hybrid cloud environments. Although the package already provides a high level of functionality, the team with DataGravity has recently introduced their own analytical insights regarding operations, security and business development.

Known as the DataGravity Discovery Series, the API is available through one of two vRealize plug-ins: either the DataGravity Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations or the DataGravity Content Pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight. Customers who use the new application through the vRealize Cloud Management Platform will enjoy greater data security and privacy, compliance, visibility and troubleshooting capabilities.

David Siles, CTO with DataGravity, highlighted the need for advanced data management capabilities. He said: “In an age of increased security breaches, the value of data-aware storage within the VMware ecosystem is the next step in helping midmarket customers have a better understanding of what their data is saying and where it is hiding.”

As the team with DataGravity pioneered the original data-aware storage platform, it should come as no surprise that their Discovery Series maintains complete oversight of the data and activities of individual virtual machines. In order to help with the monitoring process, the DataGravity Discover Series API utilizes various system logs, data compliance checks and alerts.

Sajai Krishnan, vice president of product marketing with the Cloud Management business unit of VMware, spoke about some of the benefits provided by the DataGravity Discovery Series application. He was quoted as saying: “VMware’s vRealize cloud management platform can deliver business agility, speed and competitive advantage for companies transforming the delivery of IT services. With the DataGravity Discovery Series plug-in, we’ll be able to provide our mutual customers the ability to drill down into operational and sensitive data alerts so that users can quickly respond to data security, privacy and compliance issues. The combination will give customers a more actionable view of their virtualized and cloud infrastructures. The data will be aligned at the level of each and every VM so there is no guessing about where problems reside.”

Chad Cardenas, CTO with the DataGravity partner Trace3, talked about how the new venture between DataGravity and VMware will help his company’s bottom line. He was quoted as saying: “As a Business Transformation Partner, one area Trace3 focuses on is driving the adoption of technology innovation while mitigating risk for our clients. The combination of the DataGravity data-aware storage with the VMware vRealize cloud management platform brings a powerful combination of operations, compliance and DLP into a single management point. It is a great example of the type of leading-edge solutions that Trace3 looks to provide our clients.”

Given the well-established reputation of DataGravity as well as the popularity of VMware, the future of the Discovery Series is bright. To find out even more about DataGravity, including detailed product information, factual use cases and partnership information, please visit their website at Users of DataGravity can also access online resources and technical support.


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