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Datameer Takes On Big Data Within the Cloud

Originally started in 2009 by CEO Stefan Groschupf and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Datameer has been providing end-to-end big data analytics within the Hadoop environment ever since. Although Datameer currently works with more than 200 clients, including companies such as VISA, Citi, Telefonica and more, they’re looking to expand their presence in the industry even further following several large investments as well as some brand new partnerships.

As Groschupf said in a recent press release, “It's exciting that Datameer is in such high demand that our customer base has been a significant contributor to our sustainability. Now, the additional support from our investors will help take us to the next level.” He continued speculating on the future of Datameer in a recent interview, where he stated: “I think that in a couple or three years, we can be at a revenue size that the next major finance event is coming. We are building a team out to make a sustainable company.”

Speaking of investments, Datameer recently secured $40 million in Series E funding, which is expected to jumpstart a future IPO. The latest round of funding nearly doubles the amount of investment capital they’ve received to date. Some of their top investors include ST Telemedia Top Tier Capital Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Citi Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Next World Capital and more. In addition, Nikhil Eapen, chief strategy and investment officer as well as an executive vice president with ST Telemedia, will take a spot on Datameer’s board in order to provide advice regarding future investors and opportunities.

New Partnerships

In order to bolster their analytical capabilities even more, Datameer has also announced a partnership with Tableau Software. A worldwide leader in business analytics, the partnership gives customers even greater flexibility when it comes to disseminating, developing and visualizing big data analytics.

Groschupf explained how his company has been created with flexibility and versatility in mind. He was quoted as saying: “We purpose-built Datameer to have an open architecture so that we can easily augment our product to address customer feedback, or adapt to market changes. With our Tableau connector, our goal is to make it even easier to look beyond structured data to do so in Datameer, and then seamlessly visualize in Tableau.”

Current Product Offerings

To date, Datameer’s flagship offering consists of Datameer Enterprise Edition, which facilitates on-premises analytics through data collation and advanced, easy-to-read visualizations. Datameer Enterprise Edition is currently compatible with a number of Hadoop architectures, including Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR.

Another product, Datameer Professional, is a cloud-based data analytics platform for Hadoop-as-a-service offerings. This software effectively eliminates the need for company-wide deployment of Hadoop. Per Datameer’s website, Datameer Professional lets users “easily ingest, analyze and visualize terabytes of structured and unstructured data from all your data sources, combining them in powerful new ways to deliver insights that transform your business.”

More Information

For more information regarding Datameer, including details on any of their products in the sectors of cloud computing, data governance, smart execution, big data analytics and general IT, please visit their official website at Interested parties can also view the official company blog, read testimonials from real customers and access online technical support.


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