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New Analytics Coming via Facebook Connectivity

Facebook Connectivity adds a host of new analytical tools and introduces a plethora of new, connectivity-focused initiatives.

08 / 31 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Russia to Block Access to Facebook Over Dispute of Data Storage Laws

As Facebook contemplates Russia's new data storage laws, they are in danger of joining other sites that have already been banned in the country.

08 / 30 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

The Fight Against Disinformation on Twitter

There's a lot of fake news on the Internet, but sites like Twitter are doing their best to minimize its reach.

08 / 01 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Using Next-Gen Tech to Aide Fertility

Monitoring your fertility cycle is easier than ever before - for both men and women - and it's all thanks to next-gen tech.

07 / 28 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Google Drive Can Lock You Out Your Own Files

Google are monitoring your documents and some people found themselves locked out of their data.

12 / 13 / 2017 Chris Connor

Is Facebook Tracking You Or Just Storing Everything?

There are reports that Facebook is recording everything you say, but how true is that?

12 / 05 / 2017 Chris Connor

Are Companies Storing Too Much of Our Personal Data?

Companies store huge amounts of data about us for personalisation, but research suggests they might not need to.

10 / 29 / 2017 Chris Connor

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