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Datapipe and DataStax Join Hands To Tackle Big Data

As the need for enhanced database structure, data security and data accessibility continue to rise, some companies find themselves joining forces with their peers in order to accommodate such demands. One of the latest partnerships, involving DataStax and Datapipe, promises to fulfill the need of big data analytics in real-time, ultimately giving their clients greater freedom and flexibility in moving forward.

DataStax Enterprise, an industry frontrunner in database development, will integrate with the Database Management service of Datapipe. The combination will result in a fully managed database service that is compatible with Apache Cassandra. Moreover, Datapipe will be able to manage DataStax Enterprise through cloud envirnoments such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and even Datapipe’s own private cloud, Stratosphere.

Matt Rollender, vice president of Cloud Strategy with DataStax, spoke about the increased need for secure and accessible database architecture. He was quoted as saying: “Web, mobile, and Internet of Things applications are generating huge distributed data sets for enterprises to manage, oftentimes spread across multiple data centers and clouds. In order to remain relevant and ensure success in today’s business environment, enterprises require a secure, always-on, managed database platform solution that can help them focus on running their business, not their database infrastructure.”

Conversely, Datapipe’s Database Management solution facilitates the initial setup, ongoing management and maintenance of client-specific database servers. Additionally, the partnership between Datapipe and DataStax will give their clientele access to Certified Database Administrators, which will help to improve the overall design and troubleshooting of established database systems. The Database Management service also includes functionality related to system monitoring and reporting.

Director of Product Management with Datapipe, David Lucky, explained his company’s role in the new partnership. He was quoted as saying: “Datapipe supports NoSQL database deployments for our clients to ensure their performance, scalability, security and availability meets enterprise level requirements. We chose to partner with DataStax because its in-memory computing, powerful integrated analytics, enterprise search and automated management tools make DSE the fastest and most scalable distributed database platform for web and mobile and IoT applications.” He continued by praising the new partnership.

In a separate interview, David Lucky praised the team with DataStax by saying: “DataStax's client-driven mentality and go-to-market support very closely aligns with how we do business at Datapipe. DataStax's expertise in providing Apache Cassandra for the enterprise made them the clear choice for us.”

The recent partnership has also introduced some new features that are newly available to current customers of Datapipe. Thanks to DataStax Enterprise, users will able to access a detailed deployment guide in order to determine the ideal approach. Users will also have access to trained database experts, who will assist in advanced troubleshooting and problem-solving initiatives. Finally, the deployment of DataStax Enterprise clusters is support by numerous platforms, including hybrid architectures.

For more information on Datapipe, interested parties are urged to visit their website at To find out more about DataStax, please visit


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