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Datos IO Is Taking On Big Data In Mobile-Centric Databases

You’ve probably never heard of Datos IO, and that’s completely by design. In fact, the company has only recently emerged from stealth operations, where they procured more than $15 million in initial venture funding from the likes of True Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and more. All of the startup capital will be invested into a proprietary system aimed at tackling big data head-on.

Although the team with Datos IO is not expected to unveil any of their own products until some point in 2016, they are highly optimistic about their future in the IT industry. Moreover, with some reports forecasting a compound annual growth rate of 67% over the course of the next four years, it may prove to be a profitable endeavor for the startup enterprise.

Datos IO is headquartered out of San Jose, California. The company was founded by Tarun Thakur, current chief executive officer of Datos IO and former employee of Veritas and IBM Research, as well as Dr. Prasenjit Sarkar, formerly of IBM Research. Dr. Sarkar is the current chief technology officer with Datos IO.

Thakur explained how this platform was made with hyper-convergence in mind. He was quoted as saying: “In scale-out IT systems, every node has a different view of the data. Cassandra doesn't run on EMC storage, or on shared storage; it runs on locally attached storage. If you remember 20 years ago, we had DAS—direct-attached storage. We have now come full circle with big data, where compute and storage are coming together in hyper-convergence.”

He continued by touting the innovation of Datos IO as a company by saying: “Datos IO is the first to address a huge enterprise need and a huge market opportunity: a recovery solution that’s built for today’s distributed applications and scale-out databases. Traditional recovery approaches work great for relational databases, but using them for next-generation databases doesn’t work; it’s like being held back by an old, rusty anchor. With our industry-first distributed versioning platform, Datos IO is setting enterprises free of that anchor so they can innovate and compete effectively in today’s mobile, social, cloud-native world.”

Apart from the team’s direct staff members, current advisors include Barracuda Networks’ CEO B.J. Jenkins, eBay Cloud Services’ vice president Debashis Saha, Dr. Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and more. With a team of such well-qualified consultants at the ready, it’s difficult to see how Datos IO could fail.

To find out even more information about Datos IO, please visit their official website at Here you’ll find further details about their company’s background and history, actual customer testimonials, recent news, event listings and access to a comprehensive bank of online resources. The team with Datos IO even hosts their own blog, accessible through their website, so their customers can stay up-to-date on the latest information, trends and innovations within the IT industry. In addition, Datos IO can also be found on LinkedIn as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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