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Dell Unveils New High-Capacity Business Backup Appliances

Dell’s PowerEdge Servers, currently in their 13th generation, have been used as a means of providing efficient and secure data storage for small to large enterprises for over a decade. Featuring the latest in technology and innovation, the PowerEdge line has carved a reputation out of reliability, resiliency and accessibility. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how their newest offerings – the DL1000 and the DL4300 – fit right into the family.


Although the DL1000 is exactly a new offering, it was previously only available in capacities of 2 TB or 3 TB. This year’s release, which is available with a capacity of 1 TB, is geared more toward small businesses and startup operations. By recording data snapshots every 60 minutes, or according to a user-defined interval, the DL1000 offers a comprehensive backup and recovery architecture. The DL1000 can take up to 288 of these snapshots per day, with each snapshot capable of serving as a bootable recovery file of its own. Moreover, with data tracking and de-duplication services provided via AppAssure, the DL1000 is a great choice for companies who aren’t able to spend too much on their IT infrastructure.

While the Dell DL1000 can only be purchased online, it is available now. The Dell DL1000 retails for a price of $1,999, which makes it plenty affordable by most small and medium-sized organizations.


Developed using technology from Dell’s own PowerEdge server line, the DL4300 is a great solution for those with greater storage capacity needs. With enhanced scalability options, enhanced management for virtual machines and rapid appliance self-recovery functionality, the DL4300 provides a safe and secure means of long-term data storage for medium-sized and even large enterprises.

Representing the newest entry in the DL line of backup and recovery appliances, the DL4300 includes a number of features, including integration of AppAssure’s backup, replication and recovery software. A 2U appliance, the DL4300’s standard edition is available in capacities ranging from 5 TB to 60 TB while the high capacity edition is equipped with anywhere from 40 TB to 120 TB. As with previous offerings in the DL line, the DL4300 is completely plug-and-play compliant. The standard edition is equipped with an 8-core process and up to 128 GB of RAM, while the high capacity edition features a 10-core processor and as much as 256 GB of RAM.

Finally, the DL4300 also sees a vast improvement in virtual machine management options, including the use of virtual standbys for protected applications. With the ability to interact with these standbys from one single interface, users are able to initiate the disaster recovery process in a matter of seconds. The standard edition of the DL4300 supports two licensed Microsoft Hyper-V machines with the high-capacity edition providing support for four Hyper-V virtual machines.

The Dell DL4300 is available now through Dell Direct. Pricing options range from $22,560 for the 5 TB version all the way up to $77,655 for the 40 TB edition, so this is a product that is meant for those who are ready to make a serious investment in their company’s IT infrastructure.


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