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Dell EMC Isilon Embraces All-Flash Architecture

It doesn't matter which way you look at it, Dell EMC is at the forefront of the data storage race. As such, it comes as no surprise that they've recently embraced an all-flash architecture in the recent release of the Isilon NAS device. While the concept of an all-flash array, or AFA, is nothing new, existing products relied on structured or block-based datasets to handle large amounts of data. The Dell Isilon All-Flash NAS, on the other hand, works with unstructured data to accommodate enhanced scalability and storage capacity.

Phil Bullinger, senior vice president with Isilon at Dell EMC, spoke about the importance of supporting digital datasets of an ever-increasing size. He was quoted as saying: "As businesses move towards a digital future, there is an increasing need to support large-scale workloads that utilize unstructured data at unprecedented speeds. This can’t be done with hardware alone—software is the key to enabling customers to modernize their data centers, and the determining factor for the winners and losers in the All-Flash market. Isilon All-Flash is specifically designed to address the need for extreme NAS performance, but also to provide the multi-protocol access, enterprise-grade data protection, security and ease of management capabilities that organizations expect from the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS solution."

Dell's Isilon All-Flash NAS includes a number of noteworthy features. With the capability of performing 25 million inputs / outputs per second while maintaining a throughput of 1.5 TB/s, the device is much faster than comparable NAS devices. Its support for various protocols, including FTP, HDFS, NFS, SMB, NDMP and even object-based, is far more versatile than its competition.

The device also features automated storage tiering via Isilon's own CloudPools and SmartPools, which ensures that users get the most out of their resources. With integrated data deduplication and built-in encryption, the Isilon All-Flash NAS is just as secure and reliable as it is useful and versatile. Role-based access control and write-once read many functionality round out the data protection features included with the Dell Isilon All-Flash NAS.

Jeremy Burton, chief marketing officer with Dell Technologies, touted his company's success by stating: "Dell EMC is the clear leader in All-Flash storage because we have a market-leading portfolio that addresses the broadest set of workloads – we’re #1 in almost every segment we compete in. Isilon All–Flash builds on this momentum with the introduction of a brand new storage family to meet the demands of digital business. The numbers are mind-blowing — we’ve combined the speed of flash with the almost infinite scale and ease-of-use that has become the hallmark of Isilon."

If you're in the market for a scale-out NAS that accommodates unstructured datasets, works with multiple protocols and features top-notch security, look no further than the Dell Isilon All-Flash NAS. To find out more information about Dell, their Isilon All-Flash NAS or any of their other products or solutions, please visit their website at Alternatively, those who are interested in speaking with a live sales representative can do so by calling 1-866-438-3622 to learn about the different pricing options.


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