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Dell and Veeam Join to Offer Services To New Zealand-Based Service Provider

For the managed services provider and data center known as Advantage, headquartered out of New Zealand, joining forces with such reputable names as Dell and Veeam was a no-brainer. Not only is it great for their own reputation, but it bolsters service delivery and accessibility on behalf of all their customers. Moreover, Advantage is confident that the partnership with Dell and Veeam will improve their visibility within the highly competitive IT industry.

Proponents of the 3-2-1 standard of data backup, which warrants the use of three separate copies of all backup data, including one off-site, Advantage hopes their new partnership will facilitate the development of new back-end functionality meant to complement their hosted platform services and solutions throughout the country.

Chris Stewart, sales manager with Advantage, scope about the tech-savvy nature of New Zealand enterprises today. He was quoted as saying: “New Zealand businesses know the value of ensuring secure and reliable offsite backups. New Zealand businesses need to protect their intellectual property and critical information to ensure the value of their business is maintained. Events ranging from a server failure to a more severe natural disaster can cripple if not destroy a business.”

He also spoke about the benefits of working with Dell and Veeam by saying: “Dell have enabled us to build a scalable, high performance platform that allows us to compete on a national level with other cloud providers,” and: “Advantage’s Veeam Cloud Connect Service provides businesses with a known cost to a proven and easy to implement solution. The risks are minimized and your business is protected.”

Stewart and the rest of the team with Advantage are already familiar with the benefits of working with Dell. Having maintained status as one of only two companies in the country to enjoy a Premier-level Dell partnership, a claim that has lasted for over six years now, Advantage will be able to foster this relationship even further to ensure success in the future. While their professional relationship with Veeam is still in its infancy, all parties involved hold high expectations of the partnership.

Finally, Stewart explained his company’s approach to customer service by saying: “We work to understand where our clients are currently and where they need to be, we work through options and give the right advice to ensure we meet if not exceed expectations. Our clients are quite often surprised at our flexible approach and our can do attitude backed by a high level of technical capability.”

To find out more information about Advantage, including details about all of their IT services, links to training services, recent news and even access to their own blog, please visit Alternatively, those who would prefer to speak with a live service representative can do so by calling 06 358 8999. For more details regarding the functionality between Advantage and Veeam Cloud Connect, feel free to visit their information page at, or visit


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