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Department of Defense Introduces Secure milCloud

In an effort to streamline IT operations and help offset overhead costs, the U.S. Department of Defense has recently released details on their privatized cloud, known as milCloud, which is available to all of the DOD's civilian and military users. Meant to provide a centralized point of access for numerous user applications while simultaneously increasing IT security, milCloud is expected to improve the integrity of IT operations, data processing and software-as-a-service availability.

According to a press release by the Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency, milCloud "leverages a combination of mature commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and government-developed technology to deliver cloud services tailored to needs of the DoD. The benefits of milCloud include cost savings, more flexibility and control for the mission partner to manage resources and control their computing environment, and greater security in the processing and storage of classified and controlled unclassified information."

Key Benefits

The Department of Defense outlined several key features of milCloud. For example, the self-service capabilities of milCloud lets its users place product orders through web-based portals, maintain IT infrastructure via software protocols and oversee applications without seeking assistance from an IT support staff member.

Secondly, the DOD's new milCloud provides greater network access to its users. The centralization of all services within the DOD's networks facilitates improved resource allocation, thereby maximizing the usage of available resources while helping to identify and eliminate outdated or unused infrastructure.

The use of virtualized resource pools means that milCloud can be expanded to accommodate future needs. Likewise, this level of virtualization also means the cloud can be reduced in order to make the most of evolving resources and demands. This is combined with a central help desk that provides continuous tiered support in order to address and resolve any user issues in real-time.

Finally, users of milCloud can take solace in the fact that their data is stored safely and securely according to the stringent security protocols of the U.S. Department of Defense. Moreover, because the critical framework of milCloud is located within DOD core data centers, users know their data is being maintained by some of the top IT professionals in the country.

milCloud Orchestrator

Integrated into the milCloud framework is a utility known as Orchestrator, which provides users with a simplified and straightforward means of managing and controlling data, resources and applications that are located within a virtualized environment known as a virtual data center. Users will be able to draw from a pool of standardized assets, including software packages and configuration scripts, and they also have the option of creating their own.

Orchestrator can also be used for automation purposes, thereby freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on highly repetitive actions. Ongoing regression testing, for example, can be handled through milCloud's Orchestrator utility. Administrators are given full control over the accessibility of such assets, which are also referred to as "recipes".


The DOD's new service, milCloud, as well as all of its related functionality and service, is available now. Hosted through the DOD's own NIPRNet, milCloud can be ordered through the Cloud Services Marketplace located at


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