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Dell Unveils New Backup and Restoration Functionality

As the data backup and recovery needs of medium-sized and large enterprises continues to grow, top IT figureheads from all over the industry are racing to meet their evolving needs. Dell Software is one such figurehead, and nearly 90,000 customers already rely on Dell Software for long-term data safety and security. In an attempt to gain more exposure and increase their reach throughout the industry, Dell has recently introduced NetVault Backup 10 as well as the DR6000 deduplication appliance as a means of adapting to the newest trends in data protection.

Eric Endebrock, director of the product management department with Dell, explained the need for the new appliances in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: "Despite the increased emphasis organizations of all sizes are placing on protecting critical data, most backup solutions still fall short - either due to cost, or inadequate performance, scalability and platform support. NetVault Backup 10 and the Dell DR6000 break the mold by offering the usability, performance, scalability and low TCO that mid-size and large enterprise organizations need. These two new releases reflect the continued growth and momentum we're seeing with Dell Software's data protection business, which now serves more than 83,000 customers worldwide. They also support our vision for an integrated product portfolio, in which individual products offer value on their own, but provide even more value to our customers when paired together. Going forward, we'll continue to make major investments in our core backup products to make sure they continue meeting the needs of the modern business."

NetVault Backup 10

The tenth major revision of their popular software, NetVault Backup 10 features a brand new, web-based interface, increased scalability support and improved general performance. Even more importantly, NetVault Backup 10 was developed to work in tandem with the DR6000 deduplication appliance.

DR6000 Deduplication Appliance

Relying on the framework from the DR4100, the brand new DR6000 represents a huge step forward in deduplication functionality. While the DR4100 was primarily meant for small and medium-sized enterprises, the DR6000 was developed with larger organizations and corporations in mind. With up to 180 TB of storage, which is more than twice that of the DR4100, as well as the ability to control multiple deduplication devices from a centralized interface, the DR6000 far outshines its predecessor.

Murli Mohan, general manager with the Dell Software Group, also spoke highly of the new appliances. He was quoted as saying: "Large enterprise are generating tons of critical data which has to be protected, backed up and restored as and when needed to match various business needs. In the current business environment across verticals, CIOs are required to deploy solutions which are efficient and can deliver the best services to their customers. At Dell, we have been constantly listening to customer's pain points and feedback and have been innovating and developing products that add value to our customers. NetVault Backup 10 and DR6000 are the two new products which address issues of organizations who are looking for products and solutions that address the issues of scalability, usability and data protection without any hassles with an overall low TCO."


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