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Dropbox for Android

Dropbox is one of the biggest cloud storage providers out there. Of course, the ability to store your data in the cloud means that you can access this wherever you are. Dropbox supports a number of platforms and one of these is Android, the Google owned operating system for phones and tablets. It is entirely possible to just access the standard web version, but there is a specific Android app that users can download for free that will streamline the process. This article will explore the features of the app and see whether it is decent enough for general use.
When you first load up the app you will be greeted with a log in screen or given the ability to make a new account. Some phone and tablet providers have actually started preloading Dropbox in to their devices, so the latter option is a convenient link. Once logged in you will be told how to use basic functions on the app, like how to view and share files with others.
The app works perfectly and functions just how you would expect it to. Putting a file in your desktop folder will make it appear on your Android device moments later. However, you do not get a notification like you would normally, which is disconcerting at first.
One of the great things about Dropbox for Android is that it lets you “favourite” files so that you can view them offline. This is very convenient for those who will need to access important files at times when they might not have a data connection. Of course, this favourite process also lets you flick to the files that are of most interest instantly.
Sharing is easy, with tapping the link icon on a file bringing up a list allowing you do things like email the file, copy the link, copy image to clipboard and so on. You can also use Android’s built in share function to similar effect.
There are differences between the Android app and the one for iOS. For example, some of the settings have been removed. This includes things like being able to select the quality of photos and videos that you upload and how much local storage you wish to designate to favourite files. It is not a deal breaker, but it is a shame that they were included elsewhere and not on Android.
The settings page lets you see how much storage has been used, clear the cache, unlink the device from Dropbox and, importantly, password protect the app. This feature is something that competitors Microsoft and Google lack from their SkyDrive and Drive apps respectively. The ability to lock the app from prying eyes adds that much needed extra level of security.
If you are already using Dropbox and have an Android device then it is a no brainer that you should be downloading this app. It is fluid, simple and fast and works just how you want it. The security it offers gives it an extra step up over the competitors, too.


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