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Dropbox Continues to Target Businesses with Salesforce Partnership

Dropbox originally launched as a cloud storage service for consumers. It was one of the first cloud services that really blew up, before large technology companies like Google and Microsoft joined the fray.
Dropbox has recently been focussing more on the corporate side of their businesses, promoting the fact that their service would be great for enterprises to integrate within their systems. Charles King, an industry analyst, recently noted that Dropbox’s efforts to draw in large businesses seem to be driven by its desire to appeal to investors and increase the value of the company.
Dropbox has furthered its appeal to businesses recently, having announced a partnership with Salesforce. Salesforce are a company who claim they can help you grow your sales faster. One method that allows them to do this is their new Salesforce1 platform, a system that is built to connect sales, service and marketing apps together. It was a platform built first for the mobile and Dropbox have partnered with the service from launch.
Dropbox users will be able to access their files from within the Salesforce1 app. Whether it is an upcoming presentation, an important spreadsheet or meeting notes, users will be able to access everything while on the move. Dropbox files can also be attached to Salesforce’s Chatter system, which allows employees to connect together and collaborate and talk about projects instantly.
The head of business development and partnerships at Dropbox, Ari Friedland, said that the partnership will help “users connect with customers in a whole new way”.
Other companies, like Evernote, Kenady and LinkedIn, have also teamed up with Salesforce to be available on the new platform.
Salesforce has a client base of over 620,000 in more than 125 countries, so this team up could prove lucrative for Dropbox.
Dropbox published a {{|blog post}} announcing the partnership. They also put up a video of each company’s CEO, Marc Benioff for Salesforce and Drew Houston for Dropbox, talking about the partnership and innovation, growth and building a longstanding company.
It’s clear that Dropbox are going to continue with their drive to integrate Dropbox into other businesses applications, in order to make themselves the number one cloud system and the obvious choice for business. According to Dropbox, their service is currently in use by over 4 million businesses.
Dropbox also recently announced the ability to keep personal and business files separate, but still allowing users to access them both from the same app. The accounts have their own password, settings and files, but are linked together. This could be used to encourage business users to continue using Dropbox at home, or vice versa.
Dropbox have also improved the security of files stored on their service. They’ve also added the ability for those in charge of the computer network to administrate, monitor and remove files from an employee’s Dropbox business account should the need arise. It is important that system admins have the ability to control their user’s files within businesses, so this new change should also hope to attract new businesses to the cloud service.


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