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Druva Establishes Guidelines for Cloud Privacy

As cloud computing continues to gain momentum in both commercial and consumer applications, the need for a standardized set of policies regarding information privacy has become a major concern. The team with Druva, one of the industry's top figureheads in data protection, recently announced their plans at established a centralized framework meant to ease privacy concerns on a global scale. Relying on their reputable cloud security foundation, the new data privacy framework is expected to bolster data privacy while highlighting shortcomings and ensuring full industry compliance.

Druva's newly announced privacy policies contain a number of key points. Firstly, geo-defined governance is able to accommodate the various needs of different regions around the world. This enables full compliance with region- or country-specific privacy standards that are already in place, including FINRA and HIPAA policies within the United States.

Employee-specific privacy is enabled through the use of individual controls, which can even safeguard information from administrators. Data segregation is achieved through mobile device containerization, while Druva's comprehensive backup controls allow for the separation of corporate and personal information - even within the same server.

Furthermore, all data access, including file sharing, is tracked through secure logs. This aides in compliance investigations meant to uncover any privacy violations or oversights. Such logs can also be used in data forensics or eDiscovery initiatives.

Jaspreet Singh, Druva's CEO, explained the need for data security as well as privacy by saying: "Securing data is important, but addressing security without enacting appropriate privacy measures leaves data – and companies -- vulnerable. Today, more than ever, global organizations must comply with regional data regulations. Privacy concerns are being forced into IT’s top priorities. Focusing exclusively on security can compromise privacy, exposing organizations to negative publicity as well as possible legal and regulatory action. With 70% of new inSync customers now choosing our cloud deployment option, we have developed a rigorous privacy framework to reduce those risks and support their global needs."

Arnaud Colineau, director of IT governance, risk and compliance with Amer Sports, a long-time customer of Druva, explained how Druva's new privacy framework has an effect in a real world application. He was quoted as saying: " "As a global company, we must comply with a litany of privacy regulations. There are regional data residency requirements and complicated employee privacy laws, and we also must be able to provide access to different types of data for legal and compliance reasons. Druva's new data privacy framework provides crucial capabilities necessary to allow Amer Sports to take advantage of the security, scalability and ease of use of the cloud, while ensuring we have the flexibility and control required to keep our data private."

Druva currently boasts over 3,000 global partnerships. Their technology is in use in over 3 million devices to date, but that number is growing every day. Moreover, given the recent introduction of their own data privacy framework, it's safe to say that Druva will maintain their industry presence for some time to come. For more information regarding Druva, interested parties can visit their website at


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