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How To Make the Most of Druva inSync Backup Services

Druva Software is a privately held organization that was founded in 2008. With its base of operations located in Sunnyvale, California, Druva Software currently boasts offices throughout the world, including locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, India and Singapore. A regularly recipient of industry praise and recognition, Druva is used in over 3 million devices today. Many of these devices use Druva's InSync as a means of managing and maintaining their data archives.

Key Features

In order to provide superior service and accessibility to all of their customers, Druva offers both local and cloud-based backup solutions through InSync. While it boasts an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly interface, Druva is a high-powered system with some incredibly capabilities.

For starters, Druva InSync can be used to schedule automatic backups of the data contained within company smartphones and tablets. This ensures data integrity and system reliability regardless of your company's mobile operations. To complement this even further, enterprise-grade security and policy enforcement is utilized during all file sharing activities, thereby safeguarding critical company information from the prying eyes of hackers and would-be identify thieves.

Moreover, Druva InSync even works to prevent data loss through a variety of means. Integrated data encryption, device-specific geo-tracking and the ability to remotely delete data is all meant to support companies who have embraced mobile operations.

Users who are accessing InSync through a mobile platform, such as a smartphone or tablet, will also find the free companion app useful. Available for both iOS and Android, the Druva InSync Companion app lets you access data from any of your archival or synchronized devices and share files or miscellaneous data with your teammates - all without having to visit the office.

The final benefit of Druva InSync is its sheer accessibility. Complete with full reporting functionality and global searching among all the data stored within its system, InSync is able to streamline daily operations and bolster productivity across the board.

The Future of Druva InSync

As far as their cloud service offerings go, Druva has already shown their dedication. They have been working feverishly to expand their presence in cloud computing, and it shows with some of their most recent advancements.

In a recent press release, Chandar Venkataraman, chief product officer with Druva, spoke about some of the company's latest develpoments. He was quoted as saying: " "We have leveraged the best of AWS, from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier object storage to the Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database, to deliver a completely distributed cloud-oriented architecture in both our inSync and Phoenix solutions. The fact that our Druva Cloud on AWS has helped fuel rapid growth in the number of inSync customers who elect the AWS Cloud deployment option to store data backed up from their employees' desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, and we expect our use of AWS will also help build momentum for our new Phoenix solution for server backup."

To find out more information about Druva, InSync, or any of the company's other services and products, please visit their website at


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