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Druva Introduces Intelligent Storage For AWS

In an attempt to make their services more accessible to AWS users, Druva recently introduced an intelligent, tiered storage system that includes support for S3, Glacier, and Glacier Deep Archive. As businesses are clamoring for more data storage space in the 21st century, many of them are shocked at the rising costs – and this might be the solution they've been waiting for.

'''What are the Benefits of Druva's New Service?'''

There are several immediate benefits of Druva's new pricing system, including:
• Year-over-year cost savings for businesses who currently maintain long-term data in AWS
• Additional monthly savings that benefit established customers and newcomers alike
• Increased opportunities for data storage optimization and management via AWS
• Vast reductions in total cost of ownership, or TCO, which could be as high as 50 percent

From a technical standpoint, Druva's new service stores data – via highly advanced and intelligent algorithms – in one of AWS' three storage tiers: S3, Glacier, or Glacier Deep Archive. In most cases, AWS users rely on the standard S3 tier, which stores "hot data" – namely the files and folders that are accessed most often.

AWS Glacier comes into play for storing "warm data," or the files and folders that are still accessed frequently but not necessarily on a daily basis. The third and final tier, AWS Glacier Deep Archive, is primarily used for data archival and long-term storage. It's the third tier that is reserved for data that is more permanent and those files and folders that don't need to be viewed or accessed on a regular basis.

By utilizing advanced, AI-driven algorithms, Druva's new service is able to classify incoming information and deliver it to the correct tier. Not only does it save significant long-term costs, but it also saves time, too.

Mike Palmer, chief product officer with Druva, spoke about some of the benefits of their new, tiered plan by saying: "Driving down the cost of storage and administration is seen by the enterprise as the best opportunity to move money from legacy. Beyond cost-savings, the ability to see multiple tiers of data in a single pane of glass increases control for governance and compliance and eventually analytics, and shows customers that the public cloud architecture decreases risk, cost and enables them to deliver on the promise of data. Using Druva, customers can now meet their disaster recovery, governance, compliance, or ransomware protection requirements through one simple solution."

Druva has been a major player in the IT industry since 2008. They've been working with AWS for several years now and – based on recent events – it seems that their partnership will continue to see growth in the coming months and years. As such, we're bound to hear a lot more from Druva in the future.

For more information on Druva, including any of the data management or data protection services they provide, please visit their official website at To find out more about Amazon Web Services, or AWS, head over to their official site at


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