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Druva Introduces Phoenix Backup With Unique Pricing Model

Perhaps best known for their converged data protection platform, Druva has recently bolstered their services by implementing a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery functionality into Druva Phoenix. Aimed at eliminating the need for third-party software and unnecessary hardware, the update provides some additional power to the collection of cloud-based tools and services that is already quite popular amongst IT professionals around the globe.

Druva CEO, Jaspreet Singh, explained the primary selling point behind Druva's new disaster recovery functionality in a recent press release. He was quoted as saying: "Companies have been forced to juggle multiple hardware and software resources – including on-site tape, secondary disk hardware and backup software – to manage, protect and secure data. This has created organizational silos and significant expense. Phoenix has been designed as a one-stop-shop for on-demand, infrastructure data protection services. By adding DR to Phoenix’s existing public cloud backup and archival capabilities, these silos are eliminated, saving enterprises money and resources."

Singh went on to say: "The data protection level that can be achieved in the cloud is much better than what these companies can provide themselves, and the pace at which these organizations are adopting the cloud suggests that many of the unique needs of regulated industries are being solved by cloud-based solutions." He also added: "Providing DR in the cloud means that when a disaster strikes, whether it’s a chopped network cable or a hurricane, companies can automatically fail over to the cloud."

What is Druva Phoenix?

Druva Phoenix was originally introduced to the public in 2015 as a means of providing cloud-based backup and archival services for virtual and physical server environments. While Druva Phoenix has proven to be quite useful, it had been lacking any sort of integrated disaster recovery or planning protocol until now.

Utilizing Amazon Web Services, Druva Phoenix is able to take advantage of the benefits of a public cloud structure in order to accommodate large amounts of user-generated data. Moreover, the highly advanced and incredibly user-friendly settings of Druva Phoenix allow for in-depth policy management, network automation and security failover planning and access to intuitive and advanced analytics.

Between a combination of cold, hot and warm backup processes, Druva Phoenix is now able to complete backups and restores approximately 20 times quicker than its closest competitors. Moreover, the solitary converged platform can be scaled as a means of accommodating growing workloads.

Pay as You Play Pricing

While Druva Phoenix is cutting enterprise expenses by eliminating extraneous hardware, software, storage media and vendors, the unique "pay as you play" pricing scheme of Druva is also drawing some attention. Interested parties will have to contact Druva for an individualized price quote.

To receive more information about Druva Phoenix, include a customized quote for any one of their service plans, access to technical support, community resources, investor information, career opportunities, recent news and more, please visit If you would prefer to speak with a live service representative via telephone, please call 1-800-375-0160 during regular business hours.


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