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Druva Expands Services By Purchasing CloudRanger

Meant to provide a single point of data management and protection within the cloud, Druva's Cloud Platform is currently in its early access phase. Although there's still some time before it reaches its final stage, and its subject to change and evolve before that happens, Druva recently secured a key component of their new service by acquiring CloudRanger.

In fact, CloudRanger's services – which primarily revolve around cloud-native backup and disaster recovery, are in direct alignment with Druva's currently strategy. While many of their competitors are focused on data management in general, they lack a critical part of the puzzle: data protection and security. This is exactly where Druva hopes to outshine the competition.

Dave Packer, vice president of product and alliances marketing with Druva, spoke enthusiastically about the recent acquisition by saying: "CloudRanger helps us accelerate the time to market. We saw an opportunity to move faster along that path in what we see as a very fast-growing market. It’s an area that we felt needed a bigger investment in."

According to representatives with Druva, the acquisition of CloudRanger was only the first move in a planned series. CloudRanger stood out as the first choice due to their software-as-a-service expertise, their own market execution throughout the years and their current presence within the cloud.

Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO of Druva, summarized his company's long-term development strategy by saying: "This is an important step in achieving our vision to provide a solution that addresses the challenges our customers face as part of the very real and necessary journey of moving workloads to the cloud. With CloudRanger, we provide a holistic end-to-end solution that builds a bridge between data management for traditional and modern cloud infrastructures that customers are seeking. Both CloudRanger and Druva employ a cloud-native architecture that allows us to immediately integrate and enhance what is already an industry-leading, unified platform for backup and disaster recovery for our customers."

Both parties are confident that the acquisition will help ease the transition of on-premises data to secure destinations within the cloud – all through Druva's cloud platform.

David Gildea, founder and CEO of CloudRanger, shared the enthusiasm of Druva by saying: "Global on-demand protection, substantial cost savings, and ease of use are key requirements from IT leaders. The combination of CloudRanger’s focus on solving AWS data management challenges with Druva’s Cloud Platform offers a powerful value proposition for both partners and customers to address all of these demands."

More Information

Druva was originally launcehd in 2008 and is based out of Sunnyvale, California. With approximately 4,000 customers, and more than 100 PB of managed data under their control, they've achieved rapid growth in a highly competitive industry. Although the exact sum of their latest acquisition wasn't released, it's moves like this that will have a real impact on their future in the market.

To find out more information about Druva, including details on any of the services they offer, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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