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Video Game Dungeon Defenders 2 Embraces Blockchain

While the history of the modern day blockchain dates back to the early 90s, it's only recently started gaining momentum in mainstream computing. Interest was spurred alongside the recent Bitcoin boom, and companies and entrepreneurs alike are clamoring for new and innovative ways to put the technology to use.

One such company, a popular software developer known as Trendy Entertainment, is hoping to transition the technology over to the world of video gaming – and they'll do so as early as 2019 with one of their most popular titles: Dungeon Defenders II.

Enter Signal Zero

Not only will the move solidify Trendy Entertainment's position is an industry leader, but it might set a new industry standard for future video games. But Trendy Entertainment isn't working alone on the project. They've enlisted the help of the software tech specialists at Signal Zero to make turns their visions into a reality.

Tobias Batton, founder of Signal Zero, spoke excitedly about the new project in the official press release by saying: "Our partnership with Trendy Entertainment means that Dungeon Defenders II will be the first major game released to allow game publishers and developers to share wealth with players without sacrificing any existing revenue generation. Our patent pending technology is a world first that will transform the gaming industry and its fantastic to see the support that Trendy Entertainment is giving it."

Signal Zero brings a lot to the partnership. Their proprietary blockchain-based platform, Loot, is already used by smaller developers to deliver unique rewards – via crypto-assets – to their player base. The elevated levels of data security offered within the blockchain makes it incredibly difficult – if not completely impossible – for these rewards or assets to be duplicated, hacked or earned in any way other than the intended, in-game systems.

What is Dungeon Defenders II?

For the unaware, the original Dungeon Defenders was released by Trendy Entertainment in late 2010. Based on the Unreal Engine, the title combines elements of common RPGs, action-adventure games and the emerging genre of tower defense to provide a unique experience based on the medieval setting. It was so popular that Trendy Entertainment released the sequel, Dungeon Defenders II, in June 2017 for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

Before its official release, however, Dungeon Defenders II spent a full two years in its Early Access phase. This gave gamers the opportunity to test out early iterations of the title while providing developers with ample time to fix bugs and introduce improvements based on fan feedback.

With both titles combined, the Dungeon Defenders franchise has seen over 8 million downloads to date – but that number is sure to increase when their blockchain-based rewards hit in 2019.

Blockchain in Video Gaming

Trendy Entertainment isn't the only game developer to consider blockchain. As mentioned, several smaller companies already use Signal Zero's Loot system in their titles. The team with Ubisoft announced their interest in blockchain technology in early 2018, but they have to release any further information or release dates.


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