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Asigra’s AWS EBS Snapshot Manager Enters Beta Phase

As an industry leader in cloud-oriented services, including data backup and recovery solutions, Asigra has always been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. To this extent, they’ve recently announced new software aimed at bolstering disaster recovery on behalf of AWS users. Known as the AWS EBS Snapshot Manager, Asigra is making their newest offering available at no cost to the user. First, however, it needs to pass the beta phase.

In a nutshell, Asigra’s new AWS EBS Snapshot Manager streamlines the entire snapshot process son behalf of IT administrator as well as managed service providers. Users are able to create snapshot schedules through the highly intuitive, web-based interface, which can ultimately free up system resources and reduce project development timelines when using AWS. Moreover, AWS EBS Snapshot Manager eliminates the need for complicated scripting. This allows your IT administrators to focus on other areas and projects.

There are a number of additional, optional features included in the Asigra AWS EBS Snapshot Manager. Apart from the ability to automate AWS EC2 snapshots, but it all provides users with the ability to set the frequency of such snapshots as well as snapshot retention policies. This lets IT administrators reclaim storage space by deleting snapshots that are outdated or otherwise unnecessary.

Eran Farajun, executive vice president with Asigra, spoke about the need for the AWS EBS Snapshot Manager. He is quoted as saying: “It is difficult to perform and manage snapshots of virtual machines in an Amazon environment—in fact, it can be painful for many administrators because of the complexity and absence of automation or policy-based controls. The free Asigra AWS EBS Snapshot Manager solves these problems while eliminating the need for companies to rely on backup or disaster recovery point solutions to ensure recovery.”

According to Asigra, AWS EBS Snapshot Manager represents their largest data protection initiative across all platforms, including cloud, virtual, mobile and physical architectures. Officials with Asigra are confident that their new service offering will attract new clientele while simultaneously increasing customer retention and loyalty well into the future.

Recent studies performed by the professionals with Synergy Research indicate that AWS is currently leading the industry in cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service, or IaaS. Their current market share of 29% is far ahead that of their nearest competitor, Microsoft’s Azure platform, which has 10% market share. Following up the pack is IBM with 7% and Google with only 5% of total market share. Moreover, AWS has already demonstrated 49% year-over-year growth.

The team with Asigra officially unveiled the AWS EBS Snapshot Manager in October at the AWS re:Invent conference, which was held in Las Vegas. Users who are interested in trying out the Asigra AWS EBS Snapshot Manager in its current beta phase can do so by signing up at For further information regarding Asigra’s other products, services and IT solutions, please visit their website at Alternatively, interested parties who would prefer to speak with a live service representative can do so by calling 416-736-8111 or via email at


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