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Egnyte for Google Apps Features Both Hybrid and Local Storage

Specializing in adaptive enterprise file services for businesses of all sizes, Egynte is a company that is already well-versed in both on-premise storage and cloud-centric data management. As such, it should come as no surprise that their latest product, Egnyte for Google Apps, exists to bridge the gap between localized and hybrid cloud storage.

Ram Jain, co-founder of Egynte, described the purpose of Egnyte for Google Apps in a recent interview. He said: “We found that, while businesses were ready to embrace the cloud, many had information that they did not feel confident in storing this way, perhaps because of bandwidth, or because of the sensitivity of the information. Our solution allows users to seamlessly use the power of Google Drive and Google Apps with the reassurance of on-premise data seamlessly integrated."

The development team behind Egnyte for Google Apps utilized Google Drive’s own APIs, thereby allowing local data to appear within Google Drive in the same manner as their cloud-based data. As such, users are able to benefit from a centralized interface while still splitting their data amongst cloud servers and on-premise systems.

Creating Egnyte for Google Apps was no easy endeavor. For starters, Egynte’s co-founders, Ram and Vineet Jain, had to secure approximately $62 million in startup funds from various investors. Some of their primary investors include Google and Seagate.

Direct Benefits

According to Egnyte’s website, there are a plethora of benefits for those who choose to take advantage of the new Egnyte for Google Drive. For starters, customers will enjoy faster access to local files while seeing an overall reduction in cloud bandwidth usage. The hybrid environment ensures the availability of archived data, either on-premises or within the cloud, and customers receive a greater level of protection from on-premise device failures. Finally, with mobile access to all the files stored locally, customers are able to reduce or even eliminate the need for additional infrastructure.

Egynte for Google Drive also serves to enhance data security. All user activities are easily monitored and audited by system administrators, and specific permissions can be assigned to users as needed. Fully automated provisioning as well as de-provisioning of users is also supported.

Data management capabilities are also improved through Egnyte for Google Drive. With a shared folder for the storage of corporate data, users will be able to access critical company information on demand. Moreover, the ability to wipe data remotely provides a safeguard against the theft or loss of corporate-owned devices.

More Information

Because Egnyte takes a customized approach to each of their customers, it’s impossible to give a solid price for their services. However, a free trial of Egynte for Google Drive is available, so users will be given the chance to test out the software before making a commitment. For more information, interested parties can visit Here you’ll find details regarding Egynte for Google Drive, company information, investor listings, various online resources, expert-level technical support and the latest news concerning Egynte.


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