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Egnyte Boosts Support for Mobile Cloud Storage

The team with Egnyte has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in data storage and file sharing for quite some time now, but their latest move attempts to bridge the gap between mobile connectivity, cloud architecture and on-premises storage. Unveiling a brand new line of applications for mobile devices, including Windows phones, Android devices and iOS devices, including the new Apple Watch, Egnyte is poised to lead the way in hybrid mobile connectivity.

Egynte examined a number of factors before moving forward with their new mobile apps. Using data derived from their own sources, the team with Egnyte found that 60% of their mobile business customers download Egynte’s services onto their smartphones while 40% do so from a tablet. As far as actual usage, however, such as file sharing, editing and downloading, these numbers were reversed. As such, the research and development team with Egnyte had to come up with a solution that catered to all of their users.

Rajesh Ram, co-founder of Egnyte, explained the importance of a mobile-centric suite of enterprise applications in the modern age. He was quoted as saying: “As we reinforce our mobile-first enterprise file services approach, it will be vital for organizations to provide employees with a full suite of enterprise-grade applications for secure access to any content in the cloud and on premises. Our enhanced mobile applications, with the addition of functionality for wearables including the Apple Watch, are able to combine a user-friendly experience for employees and contractors with enhanced security features IT can trust in today’s always-on business environment.”


There are a myriad of features that have now been made available to mobile users of Egnyte services. This includes the ability to organize online and offline content in an efficient and centralized manner, the ability to name and even rename individual files, receive real-time and dynamic notifications about newly uploaded or downloaded files and access to high-resolution thumbnail and preview images.

Users with administrator-level privileges are also given access to a number of new features. This includes the option to onboard new users and set, edit and add permissions for new and existing users.

Finally, Apple Watch users will benefit from the ability to manage offline folders via their iPhone and real-time monitoring of downloads and uploads. The team with Egnyte has announced that the ability to receive event-specific notifications will be made available soon.


All of Egnyte’s mobile applications are now available for free. Egnyte for iOS and the Apple Watch can be found in the Apple App Store, Egynte for Windows is listed in the Microsoft App Store and Egnyte for Android is available from Google Play.

For more information about Egnyte, including details on any of their products or solutions, feel free to visit their official website at You’ll also find comprehensive pricing information, explanations on some of their solutions and information about the company or its partnerships. Alternately, interested parties can also contact a service representative in person by calling 1-877-734-6983.


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