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A Look at Elastifile Software-Defined Storage Platform

Formed in 2013, Elastifile isn't exactly the most recognizable name in the industry. However, with a team that includes data storage professionals from the likes of IBM, EMC, Red Hat and more, it's safe to say that they know what they're doing.

Introducing a New Software-Defined Storage Solution

Their enterprise storage solution, based on an all-flash storage array, features distributed block, object and file functionality in tandem with scale-out capabilities. The result is a comprehensive and versatile software-defined-solution that is already attracting the attention of IT professionals and investors alike.

In fact, the team with Elastifile recently obtained $35 million in series B funding. The funds were secured from a variety of sources, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Battery Ventures and Cisco.

David Gussarsky with Lightspeed Venture Partners spoke enthusiastically about the Elastifile SDS platform. He was quoted as saying: "The exponential growth of unstructured data presents unique challenges to enterprises actively processing data collected from an ever-widening range of sources. Elastifile's innovative approach to managing unstructured data in a scale-out, flash-optimized solution opens the door to cost effectively deploying business-critical applications requiring flash resources at scale."

Support from Cisco and Others

Cisco's recent investment in Elastifile may come as a surprise to some, especially given their failed relationship with Whiptail, another all-flash storage provider, which begun in 2013. Despite their past struggles, Cisco contributed $15 million to Elastifile's recent round of funding. Moreover, Cisco is expected to embrace Elastifile and utilize it on future server builds.
Following their most recent round of funding, Elastifile has secured nearly $44 million from investors thus far. The team with Elastifile plans to use the newly secured funds to bolster their strategies in marketing and business development.

To this extent, Elastifile's CEO and co-founder, Amir Aharoni, was recently quoted as saying: "We are pleased to have industry leaders join us as strategic investors, bringing the total investment in the company to almost $44 million. This additional funding will allow us to aggressively market our unique solution, enabling enterprises to transform the wealth of information gathered as structured and unstructured data into actionable business knowledge."

Diversified Support and Strong Expectations

One of the key selling points of Elastifile's SDS platform is the amount of diversity it offers. With full support for Linux, VMware and OpenStack / KVM containers, as well as the ability to accommodate thousands of physical connections generating millions of input / output operations per second while maintaining an overall latency of less than 2 milliseconds, the technology is bound to catch on sooner rather than later.

Allon Cohen, vice president of products and business development with Elastifile, spoke candidly on the company blog when he posted: "As it happens, in the world of storage towers are rising up again," and: "3D flash is about to revolutionize the world of storage changing the economics of flash deployment with a storage component that is both fast and cost effective."

More Information

For more information on Elastifile's software-defined storage solution, please visit their official website at Alternatively, interested parties can speak with a live representative at Elastifile by calling 408-954-7390.


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