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Embotics vCommander 5.1 Supports Numerous Cloud Models

Embotics, one of the industry's frontrunners in the area of enterprise-level cloud management, has recently launched a brand new toolset aimed at facilitating efficient multi-cloud functionality to support ongoing financial analyses and IT management. The recent software release, Embotics vCommander 5.1, is already available for use by enterprise IT professionals. Meant to reduce and optimize operational costs while still giving users the option of using their preferred cloud services, vCommander 5.1 is already making headlines.

First and foremost, Embotics vCommander 5.1 adds support for a number of new cloud technologies, allowing users to take advantage of any combination of cloud services. While previous versions of vCommander included support for platforms such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud and VMware vSphere, the newly released vCommander 5.1 provides support for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer and Rackspace Public Cloud.

Jay Litkey, founder and president of Embotics, explained the primary purpose of their new software in a recent press release. He was quoted as saying: “We have enhanced the innovative capabilities of the Embotics vCommander Cloud Management Platform to model economics and make comparative financial recommendations across a growing set of on-premises hypervisor and off-premises cloud platforms. This powerful new software allows our customers to make informed decisions regarding where to place their workloads and how best to optimize their costs over time.

Plenty of additional features are also included in Embotics vCommander 5.1. Increased support for process automation, streamlined workflow protocol and IT-as-a-Service (ITaas) functionality are all integrated into the release. The software also lets users connect to virtual machines without accessing the management framework itself, thereby effectively increasing data security and integrity.

Who is Embotics?

Although they may be relatively new to the industry, especially in comparison to IT giants such as IBM and Microsoft, the team at Embotics has already proven themselves as a top competitor when it comes to cloud computing. Winner of VMworld's 2013 Gold Award for demonstrating expertise in the areas of public and hybrid cloud computing, the organization has overseen hundreds of successful IT deployments after only eight years in the field.

Moreover, Embotics' own vCommander software has been used by numerous enterprises within many different industries, including the likes of Cisco, NASA, Cablevision, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense and more. One of their latest partners, Right! Systems, Inc., expressed their excitement about their affiliation with Embotics as well as the future of cloud computing in a recent press release.

Mark Westling, CTO of Right! Systems, Inc. and a founding member of M7 Global Partners, was quoted as saying: “As a platinum channel partner of Embotics, we are excited to offer this new cross-cloud capability to the market. Platform-neutral, open hybrid cloud computing is the way of the future and certainly supports our role as a trusted advisor for our customers. Understanding ‘which cloud is right for me?’ can be a very difficult question to answer and requires sophisticated software analytics like those contained in Embotics vCommander to do well.”

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