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Using EMC ProtectPoint to Protect Your Data Through Backup Snapshots

EMC is known for developing versatile, comprehensive and long-term solutions revolving around IT, infrastructure, big data processing, cloud computing and flash-based storage. With a massive current customer base and plenty of business partnership opportunities within their organization, EMC has already gained a solid reputation throughout the IT sector. To this extent, they've recently unveiled their new ProtectPoint software, which is aimed at further safeguarding critical data through the creative use of both primary and cloud-based data storage.

Benefits of ProtectPoint

The EMC website lists five top benefits of their ProtectPoint solution. The first benefit is the non-intrusive level of data protection that the service provides. Instead of using the application server to store backups, data is transmitted straight from primary storage to the shielded storage, referred to as the data domain system, offered through ProtectPoint. To supplement this process, ProtectPoint utilizes primary storage change block tracking technology, which targets only unique data blocks for backup to the data domain system.

Secondly, EMC ProtectPoint provides quicker backups and increased accessibility to stored data. Full backups are completed more frequently than before, thereby maintaining compliance with advanced service-level agreements, industry requirements and organizational standards. Instead of bouncing data around primary storage, external application servers and separate backup servers, ProtectPoint completely eliminates the role of the application server as well as the backup server. The result is a backup process that is more straightforward, efficient and faster than previous processes.

EMC ProtectPoint also gives IT officials, including application developers and database administrators, complete control over backup and replication processes. This lets IT figureheads create comprehensive backup and recovery plans that completely meet the needs of their organization.

Increased simplicity and efficiency is another key selling point of ProtectPoint. Infrastructure costs can be reduced through ProtectPoint by streamlining internal storage and service requirements as well as decreasing overall network traffic. Older, outdated or antiquated means of archival can then be eliminated altogether, which ultimately frees up resources that can be better utilized in other areas.

The final benefit of ProtectPoint, as outlined on their website, is the reliable protection seen in ProtectPoint. The application is capable of restoring mission-critical and time-sensitive data while still upholding data integrity throughout an enterprise network.


Finally, EMC ProtectPoint was developed with the greatest amount of flexibility and compatibility as possible. Capable of working with primary storage systems such as EMC VMAX 100K, VMAX 200K and 400K, as well as the protection stage of the EMC Data Domain DD4500, DD7200 or DD990, ProtectPoint is easily integrated into your existing architecture. The software is also compatible with Oracle Database 11g and 12c as well as many Unix and Linux-based operating systems.

To find out more information about EMC ProtectPoint, or to gain further insight into any of EMC's current IT solutions, interested parties can visit their website at Here you'll find a wide variety of spec sheets, partnership information, product information, technical support and community resources that are all in place to help you make the most of ProtectPoint and all of EMC's service offerings.


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