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EMC Expands Presence by Acquiring Virtustream

EMC, a multinational corporation specializing in cloud computing, data storage, virtualization, big data analytics and more, has made recent headlines by acquiring Virtustream; an enterprise focused on SAP software automation and cloud computing services. The deal, which is valued at $1.2 billion, is expected to expand and strengthen the usage of the hybrid cloud platform on behalf of EMC’s extensive customer base.

Virtustream itself has been around since 2009. A popular provider of infrastructure-as-a-service as well as other managed services, which they offer to governmental entities, enterprise organizations and third-party service providers, Virtustream completed their first initial public offering (IPO) only a year ago.

Joe Tucci, chairman and chief executive officer with EMC, expressed a great deal of enthusiasm when talking about his company’s most recent acquisition. He was quoted as saying: “Virtustream is an exceptional company and this is a critical and transformative acquisition for EMC in one of the industry’s fastest-growing and most important sectors.” He continued by saying: “With Virtustream in place, EMC will be uniquely positioned as a single source for our customers’ entire hybrid cloud infrastructure and services needs. We could not be more delighted that Virtustream will be joining the EMC Federation family. It’s a game changer.”

As Tucci points out, EMC is able to offer their customers more service options, including hybrid cloud services, as a result of the most recent acquisition. Moreover, EMC’s customers can certainly expect some level of integration between Virtustream’s technology and that of VMware in the near future.

Rodney Rogers, chairman and chief executive officer with Virtustream, shared the enthusiasm expressed by Tucci. He was quoted as saying: “We’re proud to be joining the EMC Federation where our combined capabilities, products and services will allow us to accelerate our vision of delivering the platform of record for enterprise systems, and address the complete breadth of cloud computing needs.”

Other Recent Acquisitions

Virtustream isn’t the only company that has been absolved into EMC’s brand as of late. In fact, EMC acquired three other IT firms near the end of 2014, including Cloudscaling, Maginatics and Spanning. Each company offers its own line of cloud-oriented technologies and solutions.

Delve even deeper into EMC’s history and we find even more strategic acquisitions. EMC acquired VMware nearly 10 years ago now, and they’ve also assumed control of Aveska, Pivotal Labs, RSA Security, Data Domain and more. As such, EMC is poised to take their place at the head of the cloud computing game.

About EMC

Headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, EMC was originally founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino. Responsible for pioneering the very first 64-kilobyte memory boards, which were utilized in 1981 via the Prime Computer, the organization has seen a number of changes throughout the years. Their current operations, which revolve around cloud computing, can be credited, at least in part, to Joe Tucci’s leadership. For more information regarding EMC, please visit their website at


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