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EMC Expands Service Offerings with VMAX Cloud Edition

While EMC's VMAX Cloud Edition has been in consumer hands for over a year at this point, the product's developers are still working diligently to expand their service offerings, improve reliability and increase customer satisfaction. Despite its exposure, there are some who have yet to experience the functionality of EMC VMAX Cloud Edition. Moreover, there are still some who have yet to realize how EMC VMAX Cloud Edition can benefit them.


The primary purpose of EMC VMAX Cloud Edition is to supplement storage needs for enterprises that provide IT solutions, whether these services are rendered internally or externally. Meant to operate out of a self-service model, VMAX Cloud Edition offers expanded storage space, streamlined deployment options, pre-configured options, critical reporting and a high level of reliability. Furthermore, EMC VMAX Cloud Edition is compatible with a plethora of APIs, thereby ensuring compatibility and synchronization with other cloud-based applications and requirements.


There are numerous benefits to using EMC VMAX Cloud Edition. For starters, the system is completely scalable from 50 TB all the way up to 10 PB, though additional hardware is required to achieve the latter. VMAX's technology is based on the already proven architectures of VMAX 10K, 20K and 40K, which guarantees reliability and efficiency.

EMC VMAX Cloud Edition's largest benefit, however, is the ease and speed of deployment. Capable of allocating provisional storage for an application in a timeframe of five minutes, VMAX Cloud Edition outshines its competition. Included service levels, which are pre-vetted by the development team at EMC, are also easily modified as the situation dictates.

These service levels include Bronze; which supports file archival and print servers as well as application programming, Silver; which supports data warehousing and non-critical virtual machinery, Gold; which covers top-tier business programs. Platinum; which handles mission-critical applications such as online transaction processing and enterprise resource planning; and finally, Diamond; which accommodates all applications that affect system performance.

A number of additional benefits are outlined on the homepage for EMC VMAX Cloud Edition. This includes self-service accessibility, task automation, accelerated service delivery and improved service levels.

Ultimately, all of these benefits combine to take on infrastructure development, service delivery and task automation, thereby allowing IT figureheads to maintain focus on the establishment of their own IT service portfolios, the implementation of new processes concerning cloud connectivity and, finally, the ability to organize their IT architecture in a manner that is far more efficiency and accessible.


Costs for the EMC VMAX Cloud Edition vary greatly depending on its usage. Pricing is figured at a rate per service level terabyte, with setups starting as small as 50 TB and ranging all the way up to 10 PB. This cuts costs by ensuring that enterprises only have to pay for the amount of storage space required.

For more information regarding EMC, VMAX Cloud Edition or any of their other enterprise-level products, you can visit their official website at Here you can find detailed specifications, service offerings and partnership information. You can also request a customized quote for services and products that match your exact enterprise needs.


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