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How Equinix's Cloud Exchange Is Increasing Consumer Accessibility

The Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX), which was officially launched in April of 2014, was intended to bolster accessibility to cloud-based services on behalf of customers and service providers alike. Utilizing an advanced interconnection solution, Equinix was able to provide on-demand access to various cloud architectures and system networks throughout the world. But how has this impacted access to cloud services? Did the Equinix Cloud Exchange deliver on its promise? The answer is a resounding "yes."

Upon its original release, officials with Equinix cited four key features of EXC. The first, on-demand cloud connection automation, was meant to simplify connectivity between a multi-cloud environment. Secondly, ECX was to centralize Equinix's cloud service providers, all 450 of them, into one single physical port. The third purpose of ECX was to expand the company's global reach, and the final goal of ECX was meant to guarantee security and reliability across the board. To date, ECX has absolutely lived up to everyone of these standards.

Since the launch of ECX, corporate-level cloud customers are now reaping the benefits of multiple bandwidth options, fully automated cloud service provisioning and management, increased data security and increased performance. Moreover, customers who use ECX are also enjoying the lower costs associated with minimized network expenses.

Network and cloud service providers are also seeing numerous benefits from ECX. With over 20 EXC locations around the glove, cloud and network service providers are now able to reach customers that they'd never have access to previously. More importantly, service providers are able to take advantage of streamlined operability and a much faster time-to-market factor.
Chief technology officer with Equinix, Ihab Tarazi, reinforced the need for increased data security on the cloud. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying:

"Just as it was with the Internet, the key to realizing the business benefits of the cloud is how well connected it is. But companies are recognizing that the Internet has security and performance limitations, given that it is inherently open and shared publicly. By utilizing direct access via the Equinix Cloud Exchange, businesses no longer have to compromise on these essential requirements when accessing cloud providers."

Equinix currently boasts over 4,500 corporate-level customers as well as 450 separate cloud service providers. Deployed throughout nearly 1,000 networks and more than 100 data centers located around the globe, Equinix has quickly positioned themselves as a frontrunner in the niche of cloud computing. Furthermore, given the initial success of ECX, it seems that Equinix will maintain their position within the industry for quite some time to come.

"With its global datacenter footprint and extensive ecosystem of network and cloud service providers, the Equinix Cloud Exchange addresses many of the most pressing challenges holding corporate users back from relying on the cloud for mission-critical business including latency, security and performance issues." Said Tony Bishop, chief strategy officer with the research firm known as 451 Group.

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