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Microsoft Might Be Removing Its File History Feature

Windows 10 is an ever-evolving operating system. Apparently, it’s Microsoft’s last, with Windows now being a service that receives constant updates – some small and some large, with bigger rollouts and features.

Of course, this means that Windows 10 in its current form isn’t the same as it was when it launched. And a year from now it won’t be the same either. This doesn’t just mean the addition of new features. It can also mean the tweaking of existing ones and, in some cases, the removal.

It looks like Microsoft are due to remove the File History backup feature in the next build of Windows 10. According to Windows Central, Build 16212 does not have the File History feature anywhere.

While there’s no official confirmation from Microsoft, users have found a dialog popup script that references the removal of the feature: “Making new backups with File History is no longer supported.”

From what can be figured out right now, it seems that File History will be able to restore old backups but won’t be able to create new ones. It seems odd that Microsoft have silently removed this feature, so it can be expected that we’ll see some sort of announcement (probably a blog post) in the future. For many, the removal of File History will mean the need to hunt down a new backup solution.

Unless, of course, Microsoft plans to integrate a new and modern file backup program into Windows 10. It’s no secret that File History is a bit dated – it’s not a new feature for Windows 10 and could do with an overhaul to make it a modern app that works across all the different devices that Windows 10 is available on. There’s many third-party and free programs that do a far better job and it’s always nice to be able to use an in-built solution when possible.

There’s no doubt that backing up your files is one of the most important things you should do on your computer. Data loss doesn’t seem like such a big problem until it happens to you. Think about all the data that’s stored on your computer. Not just program files, like internet history or game saves, but also all your personal data like documents, photos and videos. Imagine how disastrous it would be if all of that went missing.

It doesn’t take long to set up a file backup solution and File History in Windows always provided a reliable solution. It certainly wasn’t the best, but it did a certain job to a particular level and served users well. It’s a shame that Microsoft are looking to retire it – if the information is accurate, that is, and they don’t change their mind between now and the release.

It’s expected that this update is going to land at some point in September. It’ll give users a cloud clipboard feature that lets them copy content between Windows 10, iOS and Android devices. As we move towards September we’ll see Microsoft releasing more information about their Fall Creators Update.


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