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Overview of Gigasoft Data Backup

Gigasoft is a UK-based company who have specialised in data backup since 2007. While originally focussing on the education sector, the firm soon expanded to cater for the business marketplace too.

“Data is the life blood of our business,” reads Gigasoft’s website, and that’s certainly a motto that could apply to pretty much every enterprise running. Whether it’s internal emails, customer details or financial documents, data makes up a huge part of modern day business. To lose it all would be hugely disastrous – not only would the impact come through lost time, but it’d also hit cash flow.

Backing up files in an enterprise setting can be confusing and time consuming for those without the technical know-how. Luckily, firms like Gigasoft exist to take the strain off and provide their services to help with backing up.

The way Gigasoft works is quite simple. First, one of their engineers installs the software and then the user selects which files and directories they wish to backup. The data is then encrypted and compressed before being fully backed up offsite to Gigasoft’s servers via a SSL connection. Once a full backup is complete, the files are then updated daily (at a time specified by the user) through incremental updates.

Using a service like Gigasoft has a number of benefits. First of all, it can be relatively low cost due to the fact there’s no need to buy hardware or physical space to hold drives or servers of your own. It’s capable of backing up anything and does so automatically, giving users a peace of mind. The support is offered round the clock and the initial installation is free. Finally, all administration can be handled through an easy and simple-to-use web portal wherever the user is.

Gigasoft offers four different packages to their users. These are GigaBackup, EduBackup, TotalDr and GigaCloud. These are all priced differently per month depending on how much data the user needs to backup. For example, the GigaBackup plan costs £33/month for up to 25GB or £189.75/month for 500GB.

Let’s take a look at each package in a bit more detail. The first, GigaBackup, is the company’s flagship product and is suitable for the majority of enterprises out there. However large or small the business is, this package can be tailored to user needs and comes with 24/7 telephone support.

Secondly, EduBackup is targeted specifically at the education sector. The firm have experience dealing with this sector and this package will ensure that the service is well integrated to the needs of an educational infrastructure. Apart from that, the package is essentially the same as GigaBackup.

TotalDr is the company’s premium product and offers the highest protection. It has bulk data transfer, remote assistance support, onsite assistance in event of disaster and 24/7 phone or email contact.

Finally, GigaCloud is the basic package that only offers simple file backup. It’s no frills and is aimed at those who primarily wish to archive data rather than protect in event of disaster. The plan offers only email support and bulk data seeding and restoration can be provided for an additional fee.

For more information about the services Gigasoft offer or to experience a free trial, be sure to visit their official website.


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