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New AI Features Added to Google Chrome

Whether you love it or hate it, the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us. Not to be outdone by their competitors like OpenAI and the development team at DuckDuckGo, Google Chrome has recently gained some AI-oriented features of its own. These features, as well as their pre-existing AI search engine – known as Search Generative Experience, or SGE – are quickly putting Google and their popular web browser amongst the leaders in modern AI.

What is Google’s Search Generative Experience

To put it simply, SGE is meant as a complementary feature to Google’s basic search engine. By using SGE, Google’s internal AI platform immediately scans the search engine results page to find the best and most relevant answer to the user’s search query. The result is located at the very top of the results page via a snippet known as the AI spotlight. Users can even interact with the snippet by asking follow-up questions or creating secondary queries. Not only does this save users the hassle of having to comb through these results on their own, but they won’t have to worry about trying to separate paid results and advertisements with genuine, organic search results.

Google has been updating SGE ever since its initial release in 2023. Although minor, these changes have kept SGE both relevant and fresh throughout its short lifespan thus far. Some of these upgrades include:

• Automatically preview definitions of new words simply by hovering over them
• Color-coded snippets, complete with syntax highlighting, to make it easier for novice and experienced programmers to create and code new programs
• SGE while browsing, available on both Android and iOS, makes it easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for when browsing the internet

Google SGE’s Latest Features

But the updates didn’t stop there. A series of new updates were released in January 2024, which provide users with even more AI-powered functionality.

The first of the three new features is similar to the SGE platform itself. It’s an AI-driven writing helper, built for use in Google Chrome, which can be enabled by right-clicking into a text box or text field and choosing the option “Help me Write.” From here, you only need to write a few words to get it started – Google’s AI will take over from there. The feature can be used to cover virtually all of your writing needs – from creating a simple RSVP to invite your friends to a party to writing your next blog post.

Next, Google’s new Tab Groups feature gives users the option of organizing their tabs into various groups. This is a great option for those who regularly have multiple tabs open when browsing Chrome. Moreover, Chrome will automatically create groups and organize tabs by right-clicking on a tab and choosing the “Organize Similar Tabs” option.

Finally, the third new feature uses text-to-image diffusion to give users the option of creating customized themes for Google Chrome. Themes can be creating according to a specific subject, aesthetic, mood, or color.


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