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Google Plans at Least 12 New Data Centers in Coming Months

With the cloud computing game quickening its pace now more than ever before, the team with Google has found itself falling behind its competition. Despite the fact that Google was one of the original pioneers of cloud computing in the first place, their efforts for further development seem to be rather lackluster. Judging by some recent developments, however, it seems that Google is looking to turn that trend around and take their rightful place in niche of cloud computing.

Massive Expansion

In a recent move to bolster their presence in the niche of cloud computing, the team with Google is moving forward with plans to open no less than 12 new data centers by the end of 2017. While this is a daunting task to say the least, Google is confident that they can take on the challenge.

Google has already announced two new data centers, one in the city of Tokyo, Japan and another in the state of Oregon, to be established within the coming months. In addition, another 10 data centers will be constructed within the next 12 months.

Varun Sakalkar, product manager with Google Cloud, explained the need for more data centers by saying: "We're opening these new regions to help Cloud Platform customers deploy services and applications nearer to their own customers, for lower latency and greater responsiveness," and: "With these new regions, even more applications become candidates to run on Cloud Platform, and get the benefits of Google-level scale and industry leading price/performance."

A Struggling Giant

When compared to the worldwide presence of AWS, it's easy to see that Google is currently at a disadvantage. As AWS currently boasts cloud support in 12 separate regions and Microsoft has 22, Google only offers services in four. At the end of the recent expansion, however, Google's count will increase to 15.

Diane Greene, cloud chief with Google, spoke about enthusiastically about her involvement in the establishment of these new data centers. She was quoted as saying: "There was a pretty darn good vision in place and now I’m just bringing everybody together so that we all know what we’re doing. The cloud is a revolution, I mean it’s rivaling the industrial revolution, and it’s pretty fun being this involved."

Some of the other numbers fare even worse for Google Cloud. According to recent reports by Synergy Research Group, Google only holds 4% of the current cloud market share. This in stark contrast to the 31% market share of AWS or even the 9% share enjoyed by Microsoft. Even IBM has a higher market share than Google.

Paving the Way for the Future

If nothing else, Google's recent bid for expansion will put them in a good position to tackle the future of cloud computing head-on. Adding new data centers and penetrating new regions is a great start, but the team with Google still has a lot of work to do if they hope to reach AWS or Microsoft in terms of overall market share. For more information on Google's cloud services, please visit their official website at


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