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Google Bolsters Workspace With New Integrations

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a suite of cloud computing and productivity tools designed by the developed team at Google. It features a plethora of programs that many users have come to know and love, and, judging by the slew of recent updates, Google Workspace will be around for a long time to come.

Packaged Programs

As mentioned, Google Workspace features a number of apps and programs that have, for the most part, become quite popular on their own. While many of these apps can be accessed for free, bundling them with the paid Google Workspace license provides enterprises with many additional features and benefits.

Whether you use them as part of a bundle or if you take advantage of these programs individually, some of their most notable services currently include:

• Calendar: Keep track of meetings and appointments with Calendar.
• Chat: Engage in direct messaging or group conversations with Chat.
• Classroom: A free learning platform, Classroom is meant to facilitate file sharing between teachers and their students.
• Contacts: Keep track of your friends, family members, and colleagues with Contacts.
• Docs Editor Suite: This includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Sites, and Google Keep, all of which are designed to bolster your content creation.
• Drive: Easily store and share files with Drive.
• Gmail: Google’s popular email program, Gmail, has been a mainstay since 2004.
• Meet: Designed alongside Chat to replace Google Hangouts, Google Meet is a videoconferencing solution that used to be known as Google Duo.
• Voice: Users who want to use telephony services via Google can do so via Voice.

These programs and utilities make the Google Workspace one of the most comprehensive and versatile productivity suites available. However, frequent updates keep their software ahead of their competitors at nearly every step.

Adding More Than 300 New Integrations

Development teams with Google have added 300 new updates to Google Workspace in 2022 alone. Not only is this a testament to their dedication to updating and supporting Google Workspace for years to come, but it also speaks volumes about the diversity of the customers that are using Google Workspace.

They’ve recently announced some major upgrades to Google Meet, including the Google Meet API and Google Meet SDK. Both of these tools are expected to help enable third-party app integration within Google Meet, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google Slides has also seen a recent update with the addition of a speaker spotlight, adaptive framing, check-ins, automated transcriptions, and more. Although many of these new features are already live, some have yet to make their appearance.

Using Google Workspace

As you can see, Google Workspace is already a powerhouse when it comes to online and cloud-based productivity. Between checking and sending emails, hosting remote meetings, creating spreadsheets, and delivering presentations, they offer nearly everything you need to conduct business online. Couple this with additional programs like Drive, Voice, Calendar, Classroom, and Docs, and it’s easy to see how Google is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for your online productivity needs.


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