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Handy Backup 7 Meant Specifically for Small Business Needs

Originally introduced in 2002 by Novosoft, Handy Backup has always been focused on providing data backup functionality on behalf of households and businesses alike. While they've been able to enjoy some amount of success in these two niches so far, the team has recently taken a more business-centric approach. As the two areas are distinctly separate, it only makes sense that they would have differing software requirements.

New Features for Increased Archival Options

Anton Chmarak, senior product manager with Handy Backup, explained how his company's latest release is able to benefit small businesses in the 21st century. He was quoted as saying: "We are aiming to meet all the requirements of modern cloud backup solution for small business. Cloud backup is one of most important and frequent tasks in the modern SoHo sector, so we are constantly exchanging our capacity to do it automatically."

He continued by saying: "There are seven plug-ins for backing up clouds, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, common cloud interface and our own cloud backup storage. This version groups different plug-ins by backup data types, and the cloud backup section looks one of the biggest, due to our extended work for automating cloud backups."

As you can see, Handy Backup 7.8 introduces a bevy of new features that specifically target small and medium-sized businesses. With new support for Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Yandex.Disk, which is primarily used in Asia, the company is hoping to accommodate as many entrepreneurs and startup business owners as possible with their new software.

Users are also bound to notice the newly added items in the "Other" section of their plug-in list, which provides access to AutoCAD, 4shared, Xref and Box. Although these aren't technically classified as cloud platforms, the similarities make these solutions useful enough for many industry professionals.

Backup Your Email, Too!

The most recent update to their software, Handy Backup 7.8.6, also introduced support for email archival directly through their familiar software interface. With no additional software or services needed, Handy Backup is now the go-to choice for backing up files from any IMAP-based webmail service.

Once archived, the saved emails are immediately converted into the .EML format, which is recognized by most of today's local email clients. The files can be moved, copied and deleted through Handy Backup's own interface or via Windows Explorer, and users are also able to control where their archived files are stored upon creation.

Blurring the Lines Between Personal and Business Email

With many millennials blurring the lines between their personal business lives, it's easy to see how software like Handy Backup 7 can be used to ease some of the burden of the day-to-day grind. Moreover, small businesses, especially home-based operations, are bound to benefit from the interconnectivity and seamless design of Handy Backup.

To find out more information about any of Handy Backup's products, services or solutions, including specific details on the latest version of Handy Backup, please visit their official website at Interested parties can also contact a live representative by emailing or


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