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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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How Handy Backup Streamlines the Entire Backup Process

Nearly everyone within the IT sector is aware of the importance of backing up your critical data on a regular basis. Power outages, severe weather, data corruption and even physical theft can all result in losing your primary drive and, without the proper backup protocol in place, all of your most valued files. One of the most common setbacks cited concerning regular backups is the monotony of the task, but that's exactly where Handy Backup comes in to play. Developed by Novosoft, LLC, Handy Backup is quickly positioning itself as one of the key players in the data backup and restoration game.

Key Features

Five key features of Novosoft's Handy Backup software are specifically highlighted on their website. Meant to cater toward all sectors of IT, including home and enterprise users, Handy Backup works to streamline the entire data backup process regardless of your individual skill level.

For starters, Handy Backup combines security, flexible automatic scheduling and user-level service in order to provide comprehensive data backup, recovery and retention planning. Data snapshots even allow users to rollback their settings to a previous time or date.

Home PC users are able to quickly and easily backup specific Windows-based libraries such as your documents, pictures, music and more, as well as messages contained in your email or instant messaging clients. Business users are given even more flexibility with server backup options including MS Exchange, MySQL, Oracle and more, as well as an array of custom security configurations. Moreover, all of this functionality can be accessed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Handy Backup also gives you the option of backing up to nearly anywhere within a network. This includes local drives, cloud storage and even DVDs. Add in fully integrated FTP, FTPS and SFTP support and you'll can store redundant copies of your backup data in multiple locations. The business version of Handy Backup also allows for the creation of a centralized backup server to store all of your files in one convenient location that is quickly and easily accessible.

The fourth key feature of Handy Backup is the availability of regular updates, add-on services and plug-ins. Not only does this add increased functionality to your software, but it also enables the porting of Handy Backup software to another operating system.

Finally, the team at Novosoft provides unlimited support via telephone, email or instant messaging, and they do so completely free of charge to existing customers. There is also a vast community of highly experienced Handy Backup users that are available to field questions and participate in troubleshooting initiatives. This ensures that each user receives individualized attention in a timely manner, whether that comes from the Handy Backup team or another Handy Backup user.

Pricing Options

Multiple versions of Handy Backup exist, so you'll be able to choose the one that is right for you. The Home version is available for $39, Professional for $99, Small Server for $199 and $599 for the complete Server Edition. You can compare the functionality of the individual software packages, or purchase any of their products, via the Handy Backup website located at


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