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Hivemapper Takes a New Approach to Digital Mapping

Concepts like GPS (Global Positioning System) and digital mapping have been around for a long time. They were both used in specialty systems well before reaching consumer hands, and their popularity has only exploded with the proliferation of modern smartphones.

The team behind Hivemapper, however, is pioneering a brand new method of digital mapping – and they want you to help them. Of course, they don’t expect you to offer your services for free. You’ll be able to earn a new form of crypto – known as HONEY – as you help construct community-sourced digital maps from all around the world.

What is Hivemapper?

At its very core, Hivemapper is a global initiative to provide access to accurate and updated maps of the entire world. While they acknowledge that it will take some time to achieve this, the team at Hivemapper has high expectations.

Hivemapper will be in direct competition with the likes of Google Maps and other, established digital mapping companies. Whereas the bigger mapping companies only update their digital maps once every year, at best, Hivemapper aims to provide updated digital maps to their users within a few days.

To say that it’s an ambitious task is an understatement. However, Hivemapper is providing some incentive – in the form of a brand new cryptocurrency – that is sure to draw some interest.

What is HONEY?

A brand new form of cryptocurrency, HONEY, was pioneered by the team at Hivemapper. It’s based on the Solana blockchain network, which currently ranks amongst the fastest and most secure blockchain networks.

In order to support and regulate HONEY, the team with Hivemapper also launched the Hivemapper Foundation. Not only are they in charge of network token distribution, but they’re also responsible for scaling the network as needed.
How Does it All Work?

The idea behind Hivemapper is rather straightforward. After purchasing the required dashcam device and installing it into their vehicles, users can begin mapping the streets in their area immediately. Their cryptocurrency, HONEY, is automatically accumulated over the course of time.

Since it exists on the blockchain, HONEY can be traded, bought, or sold as desired. There are other ways to accumulate HONEY, too, such as reviewing the maps of other users. For those who spend a lot of their time behind the wheel of a vehicle, it could end up being a lucrative deal for some users.

However, the required dashcam hardware isn’t cheap. There are currently two different models available, with the basic Hivemapper Dashcam priced at $549 and the Hivemapper Dashcam S for $649. While the former is more affordable, it lacks some of the security features seen in the upgraded version.

Early Tests

Hivemapper’s early tests were quite successful. The City of Shreveport, Louisiana is already using Hivemapper – and the accompanying dashcam devices – to upgrade their own area maps. Other contributors are already working on maps in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London.
To find out more information about Hivemapper or HONEY, please visit their official website at


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