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How HP Is Easing Customers Into Cloud Computing

Hewlett-Packard, often abbreviated as HP, is the self-proclaimed "world's largest technology company." While this may be hard to accept for some IT professionals, HP's presence, as well as their contributions to the industry, simply cannot be ignored. While they have had their share of financial troubles, some of their newest services and products, which were announced at the second annual HP World Tour event, are already creating quite a stir within the IT industry. Moreover, the help and support that HP has offered to their customers bolsters not only user accessibility, but software functionality as well.

New Products

As mentioned, several new products were introduced at the second annual HP World Tour event. Additional security is provided by the comprehensive line of Atalla products, while storage and backup is covered by StoreServ and StoreOnce technologies. Other systems include an open source cloud architecture, virtual cloud networking software, digital printing services and more.

Helping Users on an International Scale

James Merritt, senior vice president as well as general manager in HP's Enterprise Group of Asia-Pacific and Japan, spoke candidly about HP and how the help consumers grasp the latest IT trends. He referred to HP as "an innovation company" during an opening speech made at the HP World Tour event, which was held in Mumbai in late July 2014. He was also quoted as saying: "innovation is the grease and ammunition" that allows HP to support its customer base in this fashion.

Merritt's speech continued, touching on the subject of "The Machine," which is brand new product that was recently unveiled by HP. With a project availability of 2019, "The Machine" is expected to fulfill all enterprise-level computing needs by functioning as a server, workstation, PC and phone. Although its release is still years away, "The Machine" has already received quite a bit of recognition within the industry.

HP's chief technology officer for enterprise security services, Andrzej Kawalec, supports computer security through HP's line of Atalla security products. According to Kawalec, who expects at least one million new hackers by 2020, there are a total of 16 cybercrimes pulled off every second around the globe. He stressed the fact that HP has learned from cyber-criminals of the past, and he promised protection for HP's current and future customers.

The team with HP also maintains a strong commitment to the development of IT infrastructure, hardware and products in Thailand, even in the wake of regional conflicts in the area. Though support in Thailand has wavered as of late, Merritt promised to continue support once stability is restored throughout the country. "We hope the future continues to be bright in Thailand. I believe Thailand will continue to do well," said Merritt.

Financial Woes

As mentioned, HP has had its share of financial troubles in the past. According to Merritt, however, the industry giant is already well on its way to recovery. Citing a massive turnaround that has taken place throughout the course of the past three years, Nick Lazaridis, senior vice president for HP's Printing and Personal Systems Group of Asia-Pacific and Japan, insists that HP's financial recovery started in 2013. He mentioned the 2011 acquisition of a new president and CEO, Meg Whitman, as a key contributor to getting HP back on track.


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