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HP Offering Cloud Financing Options

Although cloud technology is already locked into the corporate world as the way of the future, the sheer costs of funding and implementing cloud services can be a huge financial burden. While many companies are taking steps to try and soften the financial blow by lowering prices on their most popular entry level equipment, this often comes at the cost of limited service functionality. The executives at HP have taken a different approach to helping their customers finance new cloud structure, and HP's newly launched Financial Services division, also known as HPFS, is already attracting a lot of attention.

The Goal of the HPFS

Announced in December 2013, the HPFS has stated a very clear goal. According to their initial press release, HPFS hopes to "enhance business flexibility and help customers reduce complexity, increase agility and drive innovation." They plan on doing this by offering various financing opportunities and expanded investment solutions.

The HPFS isn't strictly for new customers, however. As Irv Rothman, chief executive officer of HP's Financial Services clarified in a recent interview. “The customer is at the heart of everything we do, and more than 75 percent of our business is with repeat customers,” he said. “We take a collaborative approach to ensure customers have the technology and financial flexibility they require to effectively meet current and future business needs.”

Brand New Programs

HP's initial press release cited three specific programs that will help their customer obtain the financing needed to fund their cloud operations.
The Accelerated Migration Program, developed specifically for cloud operations, is meant to facilitate quick and seamless infrastructure upgrades. Moreover, the program can be synchronized with the existing goals and timelines of each individual client.

Another innovative program is known as the HP Pre-Provisioning Solution. Through this program, eligible organizations are able to receive equipment immediately while enjoying the luxury of deferred payments. Since equipment will not have to be paid for until it is actually deployed, chief information officers are able to secure IT infrastructure during initial system planning strategies.

Payment Plans

Apart from new programs and services, HPFS also offers traditional funding regarding their Moonshot and Converged systems. Through this payment plan, customers are able to make monthly payments that are convenient, predictable and scalable. This option eliminates a lot of the uncertainty that still surrounds cloud services today. Now customers are able to get a feel for the technology and receive guaranteed technical support before their infrastructure has been paid for in full.

New Industry Standards

The final purpose of HPFS is to establish a standardized protocol of investment solutions. Meant to aide the customer in making wise and knowledgeable decisions regarding the future of their IT operations, their newly published public charter, referred to as "The Pledge," serves as a new industry oath of honor, integrity and customer service.

More Information

If you are interested in obtaining more information about HP, the newly formed HPFS or your available financing options, visit the official HPFS website at Here you'll find a short promotional video, answers to frequently asked questions and a comprehensive list of resources.


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